There are many skills that can help one become successful in business. The ability to negotiate is important for any entrepreneur, as is persuasiveness. But one skill that is absolutely essential to running a successful business is organization.

A business that is disorganized is much more likely to fail than one that is organized well. Business owners must keep up with receipts and other information used to file taxes, customer files, vendor contracts, and all sorts of other things. If they don’t, customer service could suffer, supply problems could occur, and they could have trouble complying with the law.

Among women in business, disorganization is less likely to be a problem. Women traditionally have been the ones who kept the households running smoothly. They’ve kept track of the kids’ homework, stayed on top of chores and errands, and kept the bills paid on schedule. So keeping a business organized is usually a piece of cake for them.

Using Your Time Wisely

Working mothers in particular excel in making good use of their time. A typical day for them includes getting the kids off to school, taking younger ones to daycare, getting to work on time, and squeezing some errands in during lunch or before or after work. Once they get back home, they cook dinner and do chores around the house before going to bed. If that doesn’t require mastery of scheduling, what does?

The ability to get a lot done in a short time is important for those in small businesses as well. When you have to meet with clients or vendors, deal with all sorts of administrative tasks, plus do what you do to make money, it’s essential to be able to prioritize and make a feasible schedule. If you’ve never had to do it before, it’s not that easy. But for busy women, it usually comes naturally.

Implementing Organizational Systems

In most cases, the woman of the house cleans and puts away the laundry and dishes at least part of the time. These are just two of the many tasks where she must organize things in a way that makes sense. The socks do not go in the t-shirt drawer, and the utensils do not belong with the plates.

The same applies to many things in business. From client files to office supplies, if things are not organized so that you can find them in a snap, that spells trouble. Lost files can mean lost clients. And who has time to spend half an hour looking for an envelope? Setting up logical and efficient organizational systems is crucial, and it’s usually something women do well.

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