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Set Your Mind on Things Above the Sun

In the intricate tapestry of our being, an enduring battle unfolds—the relentless struggle between our spirit and soul. Comprising our mind, will, and emotions, the soul contends with the wisdom, communion, and conscience housed in our spirit. This clash is marked by choices—decisions made in “the moment of choice”  that reverberate through the corridors of our existence.

A stimulus, a trigger in our internal or external environment, initiates a response. This could be an emotional experience, a physical sensation, or an external event shaping our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The heartbeat quickens as the stimuli beckon a reaction, and at this juncture lies the pivotal “moment of choice.”

At this moment, the trajectory of our thoughts is determined—not by the stimulus itself but by our conscious decision. Psychologists term it “the moment of choice,” an influential force shaping our mindset and defining who we are. This exploration delves into the profound impact of our decisions on the nature and quality of our thoughts.

As we embark on this reflective journey, a call resounds—to explore our spirit through the Holy Spirit, recognizing the transformative power of choices on the essence of our thoughts. Every idea and every thought is unveiled as a conscious choice, prompting us to become intentional architects of our minds.

The dichotomy arises: will we be soul-ruled or spirit-ruled in this moment of choice? The scriptures guide us to focus on God, with Isaiah 26:3 underscoring the correlation between a steadfast mind, trust in God, and perfect peace. Keeping our minds on Christ becomes the cornerstone of stability and peace.

Contrary paradigms suggest determinism, where external factors supposedly shape our identity and choices are deemed illusions. Rejecting personal liability, this philosophy asserts that physical, psychological, and social factors dictate actions. However, the intentional direction of our thoughts unravels their transformative potential.

Aligning thoughts with virtues such as truth, nobility, justice, and purity becomes the compass guiding us through the landscapes of our minds. These virtues, embodying our character, shape the narrative of our lives. The ‘ moment of choice‘ emerges as the linchpin, deciding whether to say ‘Yes’ to the spirit or the soul.

Choosing the spirit draws us closer to God’s justification for acting on our behalf, while soulish choices create distance. A plea arises: refrain from actions hindering God and engage in those allowing Him to act on your behalf. Each decision forms habits witnessed by God, influencing His decision to work with you or not.

This profound realization underscores the importance of accountability and wisdom in choices—anchors in the tumultuous sea of our internal struggle. It magnifies the transformative power vested in the choices made in ‘the moment of choice,’ navigating the eternal battle between spirit and soul.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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