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Today I thought I would chat a little bit about an important work at home topic – your mental health. Staying sane while working from home can be difficult. But it’s important, because when your mental health is good, you’ll be more productive, do better work, and most importantly, you’re happier.

The biggest problem working from home is that you don’t have the social contacts you have in an office setting. You’re not running into people as you move around the building. You’re not having a chat about the latest TV show in the breakroom. Humans are social creatures and need those face to face interactions. When you’re working from home, you have to pay attention to this and make sure you keep your social contacts.

Go meet a friend for lunch once a month (or once a week). Join a gym or a local hiking group. Work from a coffee shop a few times per week. These are all great ways to ensure you are getting some in-person social interaction.

When that isn’t feasible, or possible (say because of a pandemic), you can still say in touch with friends and acquaintances through tech. Take a break from work to call a friend. Connect with a colleague or business partner via Skype or zoom. Use your favorite program to chat with a group of friends.

The important thing is to not get isolated when you’re working from home. Find reasons to get out. Make an effort to connect with others. Find new friends online. The online work from home community is vast and there are many of us here, ready to support you. All of it will do wonders for your mental health and well-being.

P.S.: Don’t miss my next post all about overcoming your biggest work from home challenges.

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