Harnessing the power of momentum is imperative to reaching your goals and is essential to becoming successful. It’s important that you immediately set about gathering momentum as soon as you set your goals. Don’t let them languish while you think about it. Begin immediately.

When surfers go about catching a big wave, they can’t hesitate – they must use the power of momentum or give up and wait for the next wave. If they wait too long or try to catch the wave before it’s the right time, they may take a tumble or the wave will give out before it peaks.

Momentum works the same in life as it does for surfers. When the momentum is there, ride the waves of it until you reach your goals. Don’t wait for something to happen to begin the momentum. Create it yourself.

Momentum is easier to keep going if you set a schedule for yourself and for reaching your goals. Know that you’ll have to leave your comfort zone at times and stop making excuses for dawdling. Each moment that you hesitate will make it even more difficult to move forward.

Procrastination is the enemy of momentum. As long as you keep putting off what you should have already begun, the momentum will never come – and you’ll never reach your goals.

You can effectively use momentum to overcome procrastination by always taking action. When you do this, your goals will come more into focus and it won’t be difficult to overcome obstacles and keep riding the momentum toward success.

You’ve likely heard the expression – a rolling stone gathers no moss. Moss is a slow-growing, flowerless plant that can be found in the stillness of forests and places where there is nothing to disturb it.

When you’re moving toward meeting your goals, gathering moss is impossible. There is light and movement – the enemies of moss – just as the enemy of reaching your goals is doing nothing.

Action should be your main focus when setting about to reach your goals. As you move and create, momentum is built, your confidence grows and results are achieved. To keep from being overwhelmed by ambitious goals, break your goals into small steps.

You’ll give each step the momentum it needs by focusing on that rather than looking too far ahead. If a step seems too difficult or it’s not something you relish doing – do it anyway. You’ll become resilient against setbacks and more apt to continue than give up. The self-confidence you’ll gain from taking action will spur you on to the next step – and the next. That’s momentum.

Author: Eric

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