Mobile apps abound, with many of them incredibly valuable because they increase productivity for your small business. If you’ve been struggling to get more done, check out these handy apps.


This is a powerful note-taking app that will allow you to store notes, web pages, audio clips, PDF files, sync files, record voice reminders, photos and more. It is very handy for creating to-do lists and keeping track of all your progress.

The indexing feature is particularly good at keeping you organized. If you add items to your online notebook, they can be searched and accessed on your desktop, mobile device or the web, so you access your data from pretty much anywhere.

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This app automatically tracks time you’ve spent on applications and websites, and sends you detailed reports based on your activity. This will give you a good idea of how much time you are spending on Facebook, YouTube and so on.

It works for Mac, PC, Android and Linux and the basic version is free. The premium version comes with added feature such as alerts, blocking of distracting websites and more. It costs $72 annually, with the first four months free.

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My Minutes

If you can’t stay focused on your most important tasks and/or you’re wasting too much time on Pinterest, My Minutes can help you stay grounded by setting goals. You can set things like “Spend only 15 minutes on Facebook,” or “Checking email for 30 minutes,” and it will hold you to those goals. It costs $2.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Toggl is one of the best apps available for time tracking, no matter what your job. If you are a coach, consultant, business owner, or anyone who needs to keep track of billable hours and get the most out of your day, Toggl a great tool to help you keep track of what you do on a daily basis. Enter your time, and you will even get a report that shows how to improve your own efficiency. It is free and works on a wide range of platforms, so you can use it on any device.

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OmniFocus helps you stick to your deadlines. It shows users what’s due and when, reviews completed tasks, and syncs all your information between your phone and desktop. There is a basic and a pro version for both desktop and mobile. Give it a test drive before purchasing, as the basic version starts at around $40. It will work with iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch.

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Basecamp is a great collaboration tool which gives team members a single view dashboard that has links to any given project. Use it to store files, set tasks, assign milestone dates, and more. You can discuss the project as well, all within the project workspace.

Basecamp also offers a scheduling and a calendaring feature that can keep track of non-project-related activities as well.

It backs up the data every day, and sends you emails regarding any updated information. Sign in from any device through your web portal.

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Dropbox is great for file sharing. You can sync important work documents across all devices and access them seamlessly from anywhere. It is an excellent collaboration tool. Share folders and give group members access to specific links or folders, so everyone can be on the same page.

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This is a task tracker app combined with a calendar and to-do list. It is super-simple to use and makes suggestions as to how to improve efficiency.

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Try one or more of these apps and see how much you can boost your productivity.

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