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As a Baby Boomer you are in the prime of your life – A generation of powerful and influential people that are leading the way in entrepreneurship.

You want to make money and enjoy your retirement years, but you also want to retire with dignity and financial security. Many Baby Boomers are searching for ways to give back, but they don’t know where to start. They’re not taking the necessary steps to build a business that will help them leave behind a legacy of helping others.

Baby Boomers are retiring at a record pace!

As you get older, your skills and know-how become more valuable than ever. If you want to stay active in the workforce or start a new business venture after retirement, this is your chance!

Join us at The Baby Boomers Academy!

 We'll teach you how to turn your life skills into an income-generating business that helps other people in need while giving you the motivation and inspiration you need to live out your dreams every single day.

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Gift of Clarity

People want to learn, but they don’t have the time or energy for sifting through all of that conflicting free information. What people desire instead is a single source where there's no confusion about what you're supposed do next - just go straight ahead and start learning!


People Want to Learn… But Not Waste Time

You are not alone in your endeavors. We're all here for one reason: to help each other succeed! That's why our BBA Membership is designed with the guidance of successful senior entrepreneurs like yourself, so that we can grow together as a Tribe and support each others' goals on this journey!!!

Our members share ideas & challenges discuss latest trends or give advice about making business thrive like they do!

You'll learn something new everyday when browsing through posts written by people just like YOU!!


Successful Senior Entrepreneurs

BBA membership is designed with the help of successful senior entrepreneurs  like you, with years of life skills, knowledge and experience growing together as a Tribe!

Our courses teach you what to do and how to do it, our membership supports you implementing it.

They go together hand in hand.

LeeAnn R Business Owner

Incredible Coach!

Eric is amazing to work with. He is quick, responsive and extremely patient. Eric is a true professional! I love that he takes something that I would view as complicated and makes it seem simple. I am definitely more of a people person and less task oriented. Eric is both, and he has a way of communicating and coaching that is easy to follow and recreate. I highly recommend his services.

Charles Chan Business Owner

Eric is your Man

Eric has been my life saver ever since I started my business. His IT and Customer Service skills are GOLD. He is very reliable and dependable and you can rest assured that he will guide you to achieve your dreams.

Kevin T Believer. Husband. Dad. Minister. Hoop Coach. Loving the journey!

Solid Experience

Eric helped me establish a podcast, after being off the air for over a decade. He was patient, helpful in retraining me and very encouraging throughout the process. We are not only recording now, but set for up for months in advance. I recommend Eric for all of your online business needs.

Bobby M Entrepreneur

Timely Support with Precise Solution

Eric had been a life-saver in times of technical challenges. He had made my business progress amazingly well because of his resolution to the many test scenarios I've presented to him. His skills and expertise is beyond compare. Cheers Mate !

Class Act

I have known Eric for several decades. He is a class act and a person that cares about people. His internet and systems knowledge is top shelf. He designed our complete company online presence and back-office in record time. Simply The Best! Jim Fitzpatrick: Sept. 2021 President MyLifeSpring

Shekinah B Artist

Eric is a great coach and advisor in the business field!

Eric is a great coach and advisor in the business field! He is greatly knowledgeable in the area of e-commerce. He has added great value to my website and business by giving me valuable advice and providing materials here on to help me learn. I’m so thankful for his help. You won’t regret your investment!

Kimberly G Sommelier is Mega Helpful!

The subjects and content that covers have given me very helpful advice while I work on creating my own business. It was difficult to even know where to start when I thought of turning my hobby into a hobby/business. Eric is patient and is generous with his time . He is genuinely interested in helping people achieve higher goals. His extensive experience allows him to offer good advice and helps him to know where the pitfalls are and what works in building a lucrative and successful business. I'm grateful to have him in my corner.

Deborah Ann Entrepreneur

His knowledge and understanding is one-of-a-kind!

I would never have been able to create my website were it not for the help I received from Eric. I went from being a complete newbie in the field to being able to understand and update/maintain my website on my own. His knowledge and understanding is one-of-a-kind!

Laurie P Business Owner

Eric Will Cheer You On As You Achieve Success

If you are looking for someone to make the complicated tech world seem a little less intimidating then Eric Cooper is your guy. An honourable and trustworthy gentleman who will not only help you but will cheer you on as you achieve success. Eric breaks down his teaching so that you will be encouraged and excited to start down your path to new goals.

Roslyn T Entrepreneur


Both myself and my business partner want to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of business with us and for your assistance in developing the website for our latest business venture. You showed us things we didn't even know were possible. The whole experience has been not only excellent, but "fun" from start to finish. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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