Marketing is something many virtual workers struggle with. They know that they can do the job at hand but often face difficulty in passing on the message that they are available, ready and willing to do the task.

If you’re a virtual assistant, writer, web designer or other virtual worker, these marketing tactics will help you find and keep clients.

#1 – Work on what you have. If you currently have a client (or more), maximize what you currently have before looking for new clients. Let your clients know that you’re available for other services. Regularly keep in touch with them and let them know you are happy to help. Often times, you’ll find you email a client to let them know you’re availability and they’ll give you a new project.

Business owners are quite busy and often don’t have time to assign new work. By contacting them, you make their job a lot easier and you also stay “fresh” in their minds. In this business “out of sight, out of mind” really means just that. Also, ask your current clients for recommendations and feedback. Use this information to build your portfolio to make it easier to gain new clients.

#2 – Spread the work. Clients aren’t going to come to you – it’s up to you to go out and look for them. Use a multi-step approach to gaining new clients by spreading the word about your business in many different media outlets.

Visit online forums and participate. Send local clients a letter about your services. Add your name to several online directories for virtual workers. Tell your friends, family and others about your business. Use strategic advertising to drum up new business. Write and distribute articles to get known as an “expert” online. And simply stay on top of always letting people know that you are there, ready and able to do the job at hand.

#3 – Be the best. Yes, the best. Get known as THE virtual worker who gets the job done. The person with the “can do” attitude who conducts themselves in a friendly and professional manner – this will help you build a flawless reputation that will not only help you get new business but will also help you keep the current clients you have for the long term.

#4 – Be unique. No one wants “just another person” to help them. Get creative with your marketing to stand out from the masses. Speak directly to potential clients on your website. Let them know how YOU can help their business. State your services in a clear manner and give examples of how you have previously helped clients.

If at all possible get video testimonials from current clients. Audio or written testimonials will also do the job but video will make you stand out more. Have a thorough FAQ section so that you can answer all of your potential customers’ questions on your website.

Finally, present yourself in manner that lets any potential client know that you are the one for the job at hand.

Marketing your virtual business is simply spreading the word about your services and being friendly and efficient in everything you do. Constantly make marketing your number one priority and try to dedicate a set amount of time each week to your marketing plan – and you’re sure to see results.

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