If there’s one thing that’s absolutely essential for success in Internet Marketing, it’s research. We must do research to find good web designers and copywriters. We must do research to find the best tools to accomplish our marketing goals. And we must research niche markets and determine which keywords to use to succeed in them.

One of the tools that has proven very useful to Internet marketers is Market Samurai. It is a piece of software that provides a wealth of information to marketers. It streamlines the niche market research process like no other tool ever has, and it provides highly accurate information.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can do with Market Samurai:

* Take a general keyword and find more specific niche keywords. This is the first step in finding a hot niche market.

* Find all sorts of information about the keywords that interest you. This includes search volume, trends, pay-per-click prices, amount of competition and more.

* Find a keyword’s Online Commercial Intent (OCI). This is a measure of how profitable a given keyword is. In other words, it tells you how often people who search for this keyword become paying customers.

* See what the competition is doing. You can find out the PageRank of competing sites, how they’re using the keywords, how many backlinks they have, whether they’re listed in directories such as Yahoo and the Open Directory, and much more.

* Find online content related to your keywords. You can choose from news, blog entries, and more.

* Find places to promote your site. Market Samurai will find forums and other sites relevant to your keyword where you might be able to get backlinks.

Market Samurai boasts an attractive interface that’s well organized and very easy to use. Instead of opening multiple windows (and programs) to carry out all the tasks that are involved in niche market research, you have them all in one place. That’s a huge time-saver. And who among us couldn’t stand to save some time?

Market Samurai is not sold on a membership basis. Only a one-time payment is required to have access to ongoing updates and use the software as much as you like. And you can try before you buy with the free trial offer.

By tracking down and learning to use a number of free tools, we could accomplish most of the same things that we can achieve with Market Samurai. But it would take significantly more time. Wouldn’t you rather use that time to get started building your niche empire? For a relatively small investment, you can streamline your niche research and use it to start making money quickly.

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