If you find yourself getting easily distracted with work, it could be because you haven’t trained your brain to focus enough. It could be that you’ve developed the habit of daydreaming.

While either of these could be the case, there’s also the possibility that your work is simply too easy for you. For example, an artist could find a certain project too easy and it doesn’t inspire him.

This would lead to the artist to feeling bored and unenthusiastic about the prospect of working on that project. Like artists, all humans need to be challenged in order to grow and to have enthusiasm or motivation to work on something.

When you’re not challenged enough, you’re going to grow bored with your life and job. Not having a challenge in your business life can leave you feeling unfulfilled and restless.

When this happens, you’ll have trouble focusing on your work and getting your projects done. You might even find that you just don’t care. If you find your work is too easy, you can become distracted because you might feel that it’s a project you can do with your eyes closed.

You might feel like it’s mind numbing work. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to start challenging yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to get out of your comfort zone.
If you feel stuck in an office job that just comes too easily to you, maybe try doing something in the creative field like photography.

You can also begin striving to become an expert at an area of your field you find the most interesting. If you work in IT, you could challenge yourself by learning to make websites from scratch or work in a different area of IT.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have a lot of different things to choose from if you want to challenge yourself. One great way is to begin teaching others. If you’re good at your job and feel that it’s become mundane to you, try teaching others how to do the same kind of work that you do.

It will give you a renewed sense of purpose as well as open up a new challenge. Another great choice is to experiment doing things differently. Find new ways to do the same job.

Try to focus on reaching what you may have previously thought of as an impossible goal. Impossible goals are the ones that you may have always wanted to achieve but you thought just wasn’t in your future because you didn’t have the knowledge or the equipment or whatever.

Challenge yourself to do it anyway and work around any obstacles. When you feel like you have an impossible goal, you’ll find yourself pushing harder to achieve it. Challenge yourself to finish your projects faster but with the same quality.

Challenge yourself to take on opportunities that you never imagined you’d go after. Not only does this beat boredom but it also builds self-confidence.

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