When you’re promoting PLR as a new senior affiliate, you might be hesitant when you start seeing the leaderboards and realizing that there are many others promoting the same package.

On sites like Warrior Plus and JVZoo, you’ll want to take a look at previous launches and look to see who else was promoting, how many others there were, and how many sales they earned (if the vendor makes that known).

You’ll definitely want to promote some of this content, because if it’s a popular product, and worthy of a promotion due to its quality, then it means your followers will likely want to know about it.

These are usually broad, evergreen topics, like Starting a Vegetable Garden or Internet Marketing for Beginners. But sometimes you’ll notice that a vendor has put out something drilled down a bit.

It might be Gardening for People Who Live in Apartments. If a marketer owns a gardening site, even if it’s a broad site, they’d probably love to have some specific content to appease those who don’t have half an acre in their backyard to sow seeds and harvest a big crop.

There are other topics that are evergreen, but not commonly seen in PLR packs, like the coffee niche. Coffee connoisseurs are growing, and people love to buy the best brewing machines and beans and courses on how to brew the best coffee.

When you see a unique pack that most others aren’t doing, think about the profit potential from a marketer’s point of view. Are there digital and tangible items to promote as an affiliate when they put that content on their blog?

What about the types of PLR being offered? You might see all kinds of vendors releasing success PLR articles, but suddenly, someone comes out with an audiobook and video series for the topic.

Stay away of what all is being released by doing a few things to keep you in the loop. First, look on the calendars for launch dates and topics on Muncheye.com and Warrior Plus.

Next, start networking with PLR sellers. You want to know what’s coming up so you can prepare for it. It’s fantastic if you can create a bonus of things that aren’t included in the original PLR pack.

For example, if the vendor is selling articles, you add product reviews or blog headers or social media images to help complete their pack. If you can get advanced access to the product, such as a pack of articles, you can tun it into a slide presentation or video PLR series – heavily increasing the value of their purchase if they buy through your link.

Get on their affiliate lists so that you’ll be notified whenever something is coming up. And don’t forget – you don’t have to only promote PLR launches. You can promote packs that go back awhile, especially with evergreen content.

You can also contact vendors to see if they can arrange bundle deals or coupons for your buyers. So if your buyers are primarily into self-help, ask what all content they have for that topic and see if they can package it up for a special sale just for your buyers.

Use Social Media to Start Your Promos

One of the biggest worries senior marketers have with any business they start is not having a list. Don’t worry about that in the beginning. Social networking is a very powerful equalizer.

You have marketers on many different platforms who need the information you’re going to provide about what readymade content is available, who’s selling the best packs and where to get the best deals.

If you don’t have a site or list yet, start with social media accounts. You can form a group or page on Facebook, where many marketers hang out to network. You’re allowed to use your affiliate links here, so you can inform them about launches, specials and also any bonuses you may have waiting for them if they purchase through your link.

Besides Facebook, you can use YouTube to promote PLR as an affiliate. YouTube promo videos don’t need to be long. You’ll basically be covering what’s in the package, why it’s a good deal, and what you think of the quality.

Your videos don’t have to be on a dedicated channel for PLR promotions. You can have other videos there, too. You might create a playlist specifically for the reviews of private label rights products.

The great thing about many social sites like these is that you can include your affiliate links for each promo that you do. With some sites or apps, you can only have one link in your bio area, so then you have to link out to somewhere else that contains a list of all of your links.

You can also promote PLR on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and elsewhere. Anywhere you find marketers gathering in discussions, such as forums where you can use a signature file to link somewhere, it can bring in sales.

Build an Affiliate’s List of PLR Buyers

Linking out on social media sites and apps may bring in some initial sales, but you want recurring income from being able to promote to the same audience repeatedly over time.

In order to do that, you need to get these people on your list. You’ll want to have a domain name (which costs about $12 per year) and hosting (under $10 a month). You can install WordPress at no extra cost to launch a blog.

From there, pick an email autoresponder system to use. Some popular ones are Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp. All have tiers so that newbies with no list pay less than someone with tens of thousands of subscribers.

Create a lead magnet that will help PLR buyers. What do they need? Some may want to know how to tweak or customize a PLR package, so you could teach them the process of editing and personalizing their content.

Others may want to know how to monetize it or how to profit from it. You might teach them how to use it on their blog to promote products as an affiliate. Or, show them how to compile it into a PDF and sell it as an info product.

If you can also become known as someone who secures good deals for your list – or someone whose bonuses are just as valuable as the product you’re promoting, then you’re going to have people wanting to stay to your list.

When you’re promoting private label rights as an affiliate, you’ll find that as long as you keep your ethics intact and promote only the best content providers, your conversions will rise.

PLR packs are very easy to convert in general, because the launch pricing is so low. That doesn’t mean you won’t make much, though – because there’s usually a 2-3 part funnel where each one time offer increases the amount you can earn in total.

Plus, some launches include cash leaderboard prizes. So if you work at becoming one of the “go to” people for PLR buying advice, you’ll have a chance to secure anywhere from $50 to $1,500 or more as a prize.

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