While it isn’t always good to compare yourself to others, it can be a boost to your self esteem and give you a true picture of marketers in a way that lessens your own anxiety. Some of what you see will be good and encouraging and some might be eye-opening to your own struggles.

At the very least, you should learn that no one is perfect or always experiences success. As a marketer, it’s likely that you follow many other marketers. Dig a little deeper into some of those you subscribe to and try to pick out a few things they might be doing wrong.

Maybe they have some gaps in their products or their video marketing could use some polishing. It could be that even those you admire constantly have some ideas and strategies that you don’t agree with. No one is perfect and gets it right every time – even the most successful of online entrepreneurs.

All suffer from failures and setbacks, but you’ll soon learn as you peer into the online lives of your fellow marketers, that the failures don’t define who the successful ones are. The successful marketers view failures as a chance to learn, pick up the pieces and try again.

The successes will likely far outweigh the failures. And some marketing strategies may appeal and work for others, but not for you. When you see your fellow marketers as humans who have different tastes, ambitions and talents than you, perhaps you won’t compare yourself unfavorably to them.

Online marketing is no different from any other part of life – different strokes for different folks. Striving for perfection can undermine everything you want to accomplish and set you up for failure because absolute perfection doesn’t exist.

Chasing it can only add to your sense of failure and inadequacies and cause unhappiness and great disappointment in your life. It’s best to think of your efforts as striving to be the best you can be.

If you can view your self worth by knowing that you’re living up to your own standards rather than someone else’s, you can live the life that was meant for you rather than seeking perfection, which is only an illusion.

You may be waiting for the perfect time, place or scenario in your life to begin seeking success. You’re poised and ready, but the world isn’t – so you’re stopped in your tracks. Realize that there’s never a perfect time or place and move forward where you are right now in life.

The most successful entrepreneurs among us have begun on a small scale – refusing to wait until they had time, money and energy to begin their venture on a larger scale. Each success gave them more confidence to try something bigger and better until true success – not perfection – was within their grasp.

Author: Eric

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