It’s sometimes difficult to work on your self-esteem and empower yourself to be successful. Television commercials and other areas of feedback such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t always encouraging or positive and can be downright discouraging about who you are and what you want to do with your life.

You need to gain power over the negatives in your life by motivating yourself in several ways, including getting off the couch to become healthy and fit and make the most of your ambitions.

You also want to discover how to develop relationships that help rather than sabotage your life, get the education you need to boost your self-esteem and put boundaries in place for those who zap your strength and damage your self-confidence.

Life-empowering activities are good for any age group. They can bring fun and learning into an otherwise boring and staid existence and even add years to your life. When you train your mind to think with self-esteem building thoughts, you’ll also be learning new skills for building relationships, business success and personal success.

Getting Healthier and Fit

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if you’re sitting in front of a computer screen during the day and on the couch at night, you’re not doing much to boost your health and fitness quotient.

Self-confidence and health are sure to wane when you live a sedentary lifestyle because those endorphins – so important to your mind – aren’t being produced. Feeling strong and enjoying a high energy level are imperative to your attitude, outlook on life and the self-esteem you carry with you every day.

Get into a routine of exercise you enjoy – one that gives you a good combination of cardio and strength building. Your heart, bones and mind will benefit and you’ll lower your risk of high blood pressure, weight gain and chances of anxiety and depression.

Simply planning a good exercise program that fits your needs, wants and likes can be an incredible boost to your self-esteem. But it will only work if you stick to it, so mix it up and keep it fun and exciting.

That may mean joining a class or enlisting a friend to exercise with you. Anything that will set up the workout time as moments you look forward to rather than dread because of boredom or lack of interest and self-motivation.

You’ll also want to set a time for exercise that will fit into your schedule. If you have to get up 30 minutes to an hour earlier to fit in your workout – do it. Eventually, your body and mind will adjust to the new routine and you’ll even look forward to it.

The boost of self-esteem that you’ll realize with regular exercise might astound you. The positive way your body and mind reacts to a good exercise program can only increase your self-confidence and the level of health and fitness you’ll enjoy.

Exercise also greatly affects your hormonal levels. Cortisol is a bad hormone if it’s flooding your body constantly – and it’s released when you experience stress and anxiety, so it can affect your moods, well-being – and feelings of self-esteem.

Beta-endorphins are the enemies of the cortisol hormone. You don’t have to experience high intensity aerobic exercise to enjoy the benefits that come with releasing beta-endorphins into your system.

A few minutes of moderate aerobic exercise will do the job nicely. Don’t forget meditation in your daily exercise routine. Deep breaths and stretches can help lessen tension levels and reduce anger and depression.

You’ll enjoy elevated mental acuity and help stave off weight gain when you practice yoga or other meditation exercises. Your diet plan is also important in your quest to become healthy.

It’s important to pay attention to your cravings and to plan a diet around healthy foods that combat weight gain and health risks such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Setting health and fitness goals and reaching them, step-by-step, will provide the inner strength you’ll need to reach other goals in your life. Your self-esteem will soar because of the inner belief you gain that you can really do it.

Giving Yourself a Success Makeover

You’ve heard of and likely experienced a makeover in terms of hair, makeup and other beauty methods. It’s great to treat yourself once in awhile because it helps your self-confidence.

But you can also give yourself a success makeover to boost your self-esteem and make you ready for whatever life throws at you. With a little planning and thought, you can create a plan to makeover whatever is holding you back and zapping your self-esteem in any area of your choosing.

Want to make more money, improve your health, get rid of your fears or find your true calling? It’s all possible with a success makeover. As humans, we’re born motivated to succeed.

We’re motivated to eat, crawl, walk, learn lessons in school and take the actions needed to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But sometimes something happens along the way to discourage us and make us quit trying.

Excuses and blaming others for our failures only promote pessimism and low self-esteem. We sometimes see ourselves as a victim and quit trying or delay our success because of pre-conceived notions that we’re just not good enough.

The vision dies and we’re left with a life not lived to the fullest. Giving yourself a success makeover can lift you out of the ashes of the failed past attempts and breathe new life into your goals and dreams.

It all begins when you start to energize your life by revamping your vision of the future and being a little tougher on yourself. You likely have some goals you want to ultimately reach, but you may have become lost or distracted along the way.

It’s easy to get off track because of all the stresses of the world, and to get it back, you have to work just as hard as you did in the beginning. You may need to upgrade to a new set of rules based on your passions and interests of today rather than yesterday.

First, ask yourself if the path you’re on right now will lead you to your ultimate life goals. If your wish and plan is to be fit and healthy and you never exercise and give in to your sugar and carb cravings, you’ll likely never reach that goal.

It’s the same with business or personal successes. Are you doing what you need to do to reach goals you’ve set for yourself? Or, do you daydream about future success or simply count the hours and minutes until the end of the day?

If you answered yes, you’re likely disconnected from your job or whatever it is you’re working on. Rethink your career or commitments and don’t be afraid to change in mid-stream.

If you’re going to be bored or unchallenged, it’s not worth another minute of your cherished time. But when you do make a firm commitment, stick with it and see it to the end.

Another way to achieve a success makeover is to educate yourself. Only then will you gain the knowledge, develop the skills and promote credibility enough to achieve ultimate success in the field you’ve chosen.

Cherish your time and don’t put off things until the last minute. That will only cause stress and increase the chance that you won’t complete the tasks at hand. Day planners, reminders on your phone and checking off tasks on a list are all good ways to be organized and to motivate you on to the next set of tasks.

Pay attention to your finances. Understanding your expenses and learning how to manage your money properly will prevent finding yourself in a quagmire of bills and an overspending cycle that’s difficult to get out of.

Take time to enjoy the moment. Don’t dwell on your past failures, but use them as a stepping stone to future successes. Live life in the here and now rather than the past or wasting time on daydreams for the future.

A success makeover should include some life-empowering activities that will strengthen your self-esteem and make it possible to achieve all your goals and dreams. Inactivity will ensure you never reach them.

Developing Relationships

Develop relationships that encourage, rather than discourage you – and make sure they help you continue on the path you’ve chosen as smoothly as possible. Whether the relationship you’re developing is business oriented or personal, your self-esteem and ability to achieve your goals and dreams can be affected.

Relationships take work, and you can develop more positive relationships in your life by following a few simple rules of engagement such as listening effectively. Make eye contact and strive to listen carefully to those you’re interacting with.

Empathize with people. You may not have walked in their shoes, but you can empathize with what they’re going through by developing an understanding. Learn and develop communication skills that will help you better understand and draw out the best in others.

We’re all so different in so many ways. Learn to celebrate those differences rather than constantly striving to get others to come around to your way of thinking and doing things.

Your time is valuable. Giving it to another person is an incredible gift and should be given wisely, but fully. When you choose to be with another person, give him or her your devotion of energy and communication that will serve to build rather than erode that relationship.

A new caveat on the relationship scene is how you manage your mobile devices. Almost everyone has a cell phone – they’re a wonderful tool for communication and especially emergency situations.

But these devices can also distract you from completely listening to the person you’re with and keep you from being completely in the moment. Learn how to manage them by turning them off or using the settings feature to only accept calls from people you need to monitor – such as children.

Trust is a huge part of any relationship – as is respect. It takes a lot of self-confidence to trust another person, but it’s imperative if you want to support and become part of another person’s life.

Opening your heart and mind to another person is an act of trust that can boost your self-esteem and strengthen ties in a relationship. Make sure that the relationship you want to pursue is positive. Don’t engage in a relationship where you feel inferior or one that’s otherwise damaging to your self-confidence.

Educating Yourself

Nothing is a better self-esteem booster than education. Education arms you with facts and know-how to act on your goals and accomplish what you want to do in life. And it’s the best type of investment you can make to your future success.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, but other types of education such as books, online studies, a mentor in your chosen profession, conferences and seminars are all types of education which can further your chosen life goals.

Your brain is a muscle – and like the muscles in your arms and legs, it needs stimulation, too. If you don’t use your brain, it will deteriorate just as your other muscles do when we don’t use them enough.

In our world today, information changes so rapidly that it’s tough to keep up with it – especially in computer science. Continuing education is imperative if you want to continue a career in computers or your knowledge will become completely obsolete in a couple of years.

Self-esteem is also learned. The empowering activities you’re learning now will help you master any challenge that comes your way. Each activity requires practice – the only way to reach the end result of high self-esteem. Learning new things and having new experiences can keep your body as well as your mind youthful.

Putting Boundaries in Place 

Setting boundaries within your personal and business areas to boost your self-esteem is necessary to keep your goals and dreams in the forefront of your mind. Boundaries are an essential part of building healthy relationships that lead to a healthy and happy life.

When you understand your limits and the triggers and actions that breach those boundaries, you’ll begin to understand just what makes you tick. First, you have to identify your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical limits.

Know what makes you uncomfortable or stresses you out. When you have that straight in your mind, you’ll be better able to recognize the breaches and put boundaries in place that get rid of that discomfort and lowers the stress factor.

Guilt and resentment start to creep in to your psyche when your boundaries are crossed. Those are good feelings to recognize to help you realize when someone has overstepped those boundaries.

You may need to have a conversation with someone who constantly oversteps his boundaries and makes you uncomfortable or damages your self-esteem. A good conversation can become an empowering activity that ensures you’ll strengthen your self-esteem by making others aware of who you really are and what you believe.

Awkwardness may occur if you’re new to setting boundaries – but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and feel good about maintaining your sense of self. Much of how you react to those who overstep the boundaries you set has to do with how you were raised.

For example, if you were a family member’s caregiver, you likely focused all of your attention on someone else. You may still be focusing on others too much and ignoring your own physical and emotional needs.

Self-awareness is a mental activity you can practice to become acutely aware of your feelings and then figure out how you’re going to deal with broken boundaries. Taking control of a situation that makes you uncomfortable can boost your self-esteem and make you more confident about the boundaries you’re setting.

Never let fear or guilt cloud your boundaries. You don’t have to simply cope with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or like you’re being taken advantage of. Speak up for yourself and let others know you’ve set certain boundaries and they have to honor them for you if they want to be a part of your life.

Healthy relationships are built on boundaries and self-respect. Give yourself permission to set boundaries and do the tasks necessary to make your world all that you need and want it to be.

Life-empowering activities are vitally important to your self-esteem and to your future success. They can provide you with the mindset you need to accomplish everything you want and to stay focused on what truly matters.

This isn’t something that will just materials when you become aware of it. It’s something you have to create a plan for and implement as action steps so that you start to see real change in how you approach your dreams and goals.

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