Finding yourself in a room full of people and suddenly getting the sinking feeling that every eye is on you is a nightmare that most of us have lived through. You instantly begin to doubt how you appear and begin to examine yourself for smudges on your face or a clothing malfunction.

It’s likely that you were mistaken that everyone was suddenly looking at you. It was actually a form of self doubt that creeped in at just the right time to make you feel you were in a spotlight of scrutiny.

You might react in a couple of ways during a scenario like the one above. Panic might make you instantly doubt yourself and frantically begin looking for the problem others are seeing.

Or, you might wonder, but decide to dismiss everyone else and return confidently to the conversation you were once enjoying or whatever you were focused on at the moment. Rather than your fear of failure, it may be your ego that’s causing you to think everyone in the room is looking at you.

Your ego may also be detrimental in business, too. You might worry that even success will bring more people to the table to watch you – which means even more self doubt creeps in.

The same ego that assumes people are watching your every move is the same one that fears ridicule if you happen to falter or fail with a project or idea. Until you let go of the ego and self doubt that accompanies it, you’re wasting precious time and energy on worry or frustration.

One way to bash the downside of your ego is to stop the need to win every battle and be successful with every venture. When you’re winning, there’s no need to consult your inner voice about the actions you’ve taken to get to the finish line.

Losing, on the other hand, makes you stop and think about what you need to do next time to make it happen. Competition is always present in Internet marketing ventures, but you don’t have to think you need to knock it out of the ballpark every time or else people will make fun of you.

Losing a challenge or being wrong about a product or person is a learning experience which can help your future success. Rather than letting ego take over and ruin your life and your business chances, focus on improvement in all that you are and strive to be. Be happy with what you’ve accomplished so far and take action to improve and grow.

Author: Eric

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