Being a good listener makes others around you feel more inclined to form a positive relationship with you. Show interest in them and they will show interest in you. Learn how to ask questions and compromise as you navigate work and home life to ease tensions and build better relationships.
Forming a bond with your co-workers and boss can be extremely beneficial to your experience in the workplace. Make sure you show interest in their opinions and viewpoints of their work.

By doing this, you’re showing them that you care about both the person you are talking to and the tasks that are being done. This will help you form a pleasant relationship with them, which will make working more enjoyable and stress-free. 
Make sure that you also listen to your clients and what they want out of the job that you’re doing for them. This will reflect positively on you and the work that you do, which will increase the amount of clients you get if they’re hearing good things about your work. 
Listening to your family is extremely crucial in making sure that you have a good bond with them. If your spouse feels like you two aren’t spending enough time together, do everything in your ability to spend some of your free time with them in order to keep your relationship healthy. 
Your kids might also feel like you’re not spending enough time with them or hearing their needs. They might either tell you themselves, or you might be able to sense that you’re drifting apart from your children.

In this case, you should spend more time with them as well and try to plan things that could get your whole family to bond together, like a family dinner, movie night, or you could even use up your vacation days to go somewhere new with them.
If you’re trying to balance work and family, your friends might also feel like they’re missing out on spending time with you. Make sure you let them know that you care about them and that you’re trying to also balance your work and home life.

Ask them how you can make them feel better about not seeing you as much, even if you need to go out with them on the weekends sometimes or Skype/FaceTime so that you can still talk face to face, but maybe just not in person.
Listening to others is a great way to form better relationships with them, even if they just need to talk to you about work or ask you for advice. Hearing what others have to say makes them feel more important and asking them questions shows your interest in them, which will make them want to spend more time with you making your life happier overall.

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