The process of journaling, where you record your thoughts and feelings and explore them in depth, has long been a tool of positive personal development. But what used to be a pen and paper process is evolving into the digital realm.

More men and women today have turned to blogging as the foundation for their journaling, and they’re finding it much easier and more satisfying than the previous method.

Journaling is a fantastic solution for stress relief, the pursuit of success and even strengthening your life in other areas such as health and cognitive function. You’re engaging your brain on many levels, and keeping a record of your progress.

A digital blog not only allows you to keep a record of your thoughts and emotions and action steps, but it gives you the ability to attract a like-minded audience who supports your efforts.

And while a pen and paper journal isn’t very easy to work with when it comes to making mistakes with your entries, a blog gives you the power to edit your work, eliminate portions of it or add to it at any time by simply using the edit button.

You’re not limited in the space your ideas take up, either. A print journal only has so much space, and if you were to write all of your ideas and thoughts out, it would be time consuming and painful for some.

But typing them into a blog post is much easier and faster, and the space is unlimited, so you can blog as much or as little as you want to – for days, weeks, months and even years into the future.

You’ll gain a lot of clarity as you dig deep into your struggles and problem areas and work through them systematically. It’s a great avenue for self healing to take place, and you’ll take pride in the fact that your blog has the ability to help others in the same boat as you.

One of the best parts of blogging in the digital realm is that it takes the mental clutter and chaos of every day and puts it elsewhere so that your mind isn’t overwhelmed by all that’s going on.

You can even take on-going issues that you’re dealing with and blog about them in a draft format so that you’re not having to end an entry until it’s fully addressed and you’re ready to publish it.

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