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At Set Your Mind on Things Above the Sun Facebook Page, we are crafting a sanctuary for souls on a quest for spiritual growth, divine wisdom, and the joy of discovering truths that transcend our earthly experiences. Our Facebook page serves as a beacon for those eager to explore the depths of faith, embrace transformative wisdom, and connect with a fellowship of believers and seekers alike. Here’s a glimpse of the spiritual treasures awaiting you when you ‘Follow‘ our journey:

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Wisdom Beyond Words: Step behind the veil with exclusive insights, author reflections, and enriching discussions on themes that resonate with the heart of every seeker. Engage with content that challenges, uplifts, and inspires a closer walk with God, allowing you to ponder the mysteries and wonders of our faith.

A Community of Faithful Hearts: Join hands with a vibrant tapestry of believers who share your desire for spiritual growth and divine connection. Exchange thoughts, share testimonials, and encourage one another as we collectively journey toward greater understanding and deeper faith. This is your space to belong, to be heard, and to grow in grace and knowledge.

Never Miss a Divine Whisper: Our Facebook page is your spiritual lighthouse, ensuring you’re always informed about the latest resources, events, and gatherings that can brighten your path and strengthen your resolve. From new book releases that stir the soul to gatherings that gather God’s children, you’ll be in the know and in the light.

This is not just an invitation to follow a page; it’s a call to journey together, to seek, to find, and to revel in the boundless love and wisdom of our Creator.

Join us at Set Your Mind on Things Above the Sun on Facebook, and let’s embark on a path of discovery, growth, and boundless spiritual joy.

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Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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