Life happens – and it can throw your plans out of whack in an instant. Some people are able to get back on track and continue after major setbacks while others may never get back the momentum they once had.

Think of the beginning of a plan for life goals or anything else you desire as being born. When you’re born there’s no way of knowing how your life will turn out. It depends on a combination of things such as environment, genes and how you’re raised.

Success in reaching your goals also depends on certain things – such as how well you planned and how determined you are to reach your goals. You don’t necessarily know how it will end, but you can plan carefully for how you want it to end.

You may change the course of your journey several times as you travel along because you change your mind or decide on a better path. Don’t think you have to stick to your original plan just because you so carefully planned it – plans don’t have to be set in stone.

The outcome of your journey may be much better and more exciting than you ever thought possible at the beginning. But remember, it was in the planning phase at the beginning that brought you to the final outcome.

That planning gave you the direction you needed to fulfill your mini-goals, learn along the way and to eventually reach the end of your journey. It involves setting smart goals and keeping a positive mindset throughout the process that will get you to success.

When in the planning stage of how to reach your goals, make sure you know the motive behind your actions and that you don’t plan beyond what you’re capable of accomplishing.

You can read about people who have successfully reached the end of a long journey in an entirely different way than they anticipated. The first President of the United States, George Washington, didn’t plan to become president when he led the revolution that changed history.

He successfully reached one goal, won each battle and finally won independence from England. That was the goal he originally planned for – but it also brought him to the pinnacle of success and far beyond what he expected.

Set your eyes on the prize, plot how you’re going to get there and be ready to change your path or accept an outcome that wasn’t in your original plan. You can apply this principle in many areas of your life – health, relationships and other personal matters.

Rethink your plan at each goal level you reach and decide if it needs tweaking, if it will take less or more of your time to reach the next goal and decide if you need to change direction. When you’re ready to continue, you’ll feel refreshed and more determined than ever to reach that ultimate goal of success.

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