There’s a major problem in many people’s lives early on when they decide what life path they’re going to take. Very rarely are their own wants and needs taken into consideration before they’re influenced to go down a particular path.

Often times, they’re influenced by their parents, teachers, and society in general to do something predetermined, and this can lead to many complications later in life. At a young age, kids and teens are told to go for only the best jobs.

When people refer to best jobs, they’re often talking about best paying jobs. Very few are driven towards working in something like skilled labor or creative areas, while most are pushed to become doctors, lawyers, and other high paying, competitive jobs.

These positions require years of work in school, and are very tough to do well, but since they pay well, they’re seen as the most desirable. This doesn’t just happen with jobs, either.

Many have their ideals of things like relationships and home lives shaped by how they’re raised. If someone grows up in an abusive household, then they’re likely going to assume that’s the norm, and when they go on to have a family, they’ll probably be abusive as well.

These kinds of people will also tend to pick abusive partners, and will in general have a bad home life. Many people tend to just accept it because that’s what they’ve experienced and seen for years.

Few people ever stop to consider if there’s something else that they actually enjoy and could make a living doing. Most just focus on stability and money, with no regard for actually doing that job day after day.

When rough patches come around, they’ll have such little motivation to actually follow through with their work that they might end up failing to do their jobs correctly at all. Take an honest look at your life and think about whether or not this is the place you want to be at.

Is this life a fulfilling one that you really do enjoy? If not, think about what drove you to be where you are now. It could’ve been family members, teachers, advisors, or even things like societal expectations.

If you feel like you’ve been steered down this path, take up the reins and put yourself back onto the track that you want to be on, not the one that someone else wanted to see you on.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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