Far too many people think the amount of money they have in their bank account determines whether or not they’re a success. If they don’t have much money, they feel that reflects personally on them.

But when you attribute the amount of money you have to your own worth, it can cripple your self-esteem to the point that it’ll make you feel like you can’t do anything. When you attempt to determine what you’re worth, how you feel about yourself and your success, you’ll always feel like you fall short.

That’s not because something is wrong with you. The problem is that you’re trying to give your self-worth a monetary attachment. When you feel like you have enough money, enough success, you’ll feel worthy and act like you can accomplish anything.

But when you don’t, the opposite will happen. And, as your money fluctuates, so will how you feel about yourself. There are consequences to making your success all about the money.

You can build an entire life and belief system that rests on feeling good because you’re wealthy. But if something happens to tear everything out from under you, the emotions will hit you hard and you’ll find it difficult to be able to function because the foundation that you stood on, that you based success on, changed.

You want your self-worth, just like your success, to be based on what doesn’t change. What doesn’t change is your character. Your character is who you are as a person as evidenced by your character traits such as you’re fair, responsible, optimistic, honest, and so on.

Your character is your true value. Your moral path is similar. You exhibit outward signs of the good that’s within you. This might be loyalty, having a strong sense of empathy, being courageous, or choosing to do what’s right even when it would be easier to do what’s wrong.

That should be figured in as what makes you successful. You want to look at the entire person that you are, not just your career, the amount of money that you have and where you are successfully versus where someone else is in life.

Measure who you are by defining what’s important to you and let that line up with your success. Because this is who you truly are. When you seek success based on what your personal values are rather than just chasing wealth, then you will find success.

By taking a look at who you are and what matters to you, you’ll be able to measure every aspect of yourself. These measures can easily be tracked in a journal. For example, you can measure how you experienced emotional growth and see how that intersects with your success.

By tracking your whole person, you’ll be able to see your own growth. But on the other hand, you’ll also be able to see areas where you can improve.

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