Fate is one of those beliefs that can fool you into thinking that’s all you need to succeed. If you leave all your potential accomplishments up to fate, you could be waiting a very long time – or it might never happen.

Believing that fate was the reason for your successful journey can also make it more difficult to repeat that same success later – lightening rarely strikes twice in the same place, you know.

The truth is that you did it – not chance – and believe that you can do it again. Belief in yourself is a much better and surer option than waiting for fate to do it for you. Success may seem to come so easy for some people that you may contribute it to lucky stars or fate.

But if you could see what’s happening in the background that brought the success of someone you admire, you may change your mind. Rarely is success due to something other than planning and hard work.

When you leave success, love or anything you desire up to fate, you’re giving control to something other than yourself. You’ll have a hard time visualizing success because something else is in control and you don’t know what that success will look like.

If you’ve already reached success or a certain level of success, you may think you could never repeat it again. It was too difficult or took too much time and effort. You may be thinking you’ll leave the next round up to fate or luck.

Repetition of success becomes easier once you’ve accomplished it the first time. You’ll be able to plow through the difficult parts because you’ve already been to this rodeo once and can do it again without waiting for fate to take hold.

You can influence your fate of success by using your mindset powers to attract success to you. Positive thinking, an attitude of gratitude and envisioning your success can all play a part in helping you reach one success after another.

When you own your specific vision and responsibility for success, possibilities will open that you may have never thought of before. Being proactive in your success story will motivate you to take action to create your own success rather than waiting for fate to do it for you.

Taking action and responsibility for your own successes gives fate a boost. Living your life in a way that garners success helps fate to overcome roadblocks that may be keeping you from success such as fear of failure and lack of self-confidence. Take charge of your own destiny and don’t wait for fate or luck to come to you.

Author: Eric

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