Think about the last book you read about someone who inspired you. Perhaps it profiled the person in adverse situations and described their conditions and pains. It probably explained how the person managed to escape those conditions. The experiences that helped them to succeed can also serve as a model for your success.

The story you read may not be exactly like the scenario described. However, it will have a similar feel overall. It’s rare that people start out from a successful base. People who are given money from relatives are not always successful. Often, they are not hungry for success. Starting from a difficult position isn’t always the case, but it is frequently the way these stories go.

No matter whose story you read, if you don’t continue reading stories, they are likely to fade from your memory. Inspiration is most effective when it is current. So, you need to constantly reinforce the inspiration by reading the profiles of many people.

The stories don’t have to be from famous people. You will find plenty of inspirational stories in your local newspaper or a local website. Don’t limit yourself only to the stories of people who are well known. Sometimes, reading or hearing stories about local people can give you a local insight that is impossible to get from a famous person. It could be something that helps you solve a problem that’s been causing you to struggle.

You should also look for inspiration from stories you would not typically read. Try reading the story of someone from another culture. If you are young, try to get a different perspective from an older person and vice versa. When you diversify, your brain won’t know what to expect which can be great for ideas.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with reading profiles of people who are famous or who are more like you. Reading is part of how to keep the inspiration engine fresh. In fact, it’s a great idea to have these within reach for easy reference, in case you need that boost.

Don’t be afraid to reread a story of someone who inspired you. Sometimes, you can pick up more than you got when you read the story the first time. You will also have a different frame of reference because you know most of the story. Your brain will look for what it didn’t find before.

All the inspiration you gain will be of no use if you don’t take action. It’s great to get inspired. However, it is a waste of time if you let it sit in your brain.

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