If you want to get your website noticed, the easiest way is to get to the top of popular search engines. While all search engines have different formulas, they all have one thing in common: links. All of these engines base you higher the more high quality sites link to you. That’s why it’s important to get quality links to your site. In addition, links not only bring in search engines rankings, people occasionally follow them too!

Here are a few easy ways to get links to your website:

*Social bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites are designed so people can save their bookmarks online and then share them with their friends, family, business associates, or pretty much anyone. You can also use this to post links to your website. Plus, if other people see your posts, they might just go and recommend your site to someone else.

*Online directories. These are like a phonebook for the internet. However, many of them are very selective. They are divided up by type of website so people can find you easily, but since they don’t take everyone, many can provide high quality links to your site as well.

*Blogging. If you have blogs you use to promote your business, these can be used to provide links to your related websites. However, if the blog isn’t a quality link, it’s not going to help your site at all. And microblogs like Twitter or commenting on blogs aren’t going to help your rankings either, but they may get traffic directly to your site.

*Article Directories. These are online catalogues full of articles free for anyone to copy and use. You put a link back to your site at the bottom of the article. Just remember that if all the content from your site is on article directories as well, it’s going to be less unique and less valuable to search engines. You could choose to only put some of your articles on directories, or you can have two slightly different versions, one for your site and one for directories.

*Press releases. If you’re releasing a new product or making some newsworthy change to your business, you can write up a press release and submit it to a news site. Press releases are a great link that will also provide a lot of traffic for your site.

Many people will participate in a link exchange instead of, or in addition to, one-way links. This is where you contact someone who already has a web page in your area and ask them to link to your site and in exchange you will link to their site on yours.

With link exchange you have to email requesting it and it can take a while for them to reply. It can be very slow and tedious. While one-way links take time, they’re generally an easier way to get guaranteed links from quality sources. In addition, most search engines can find link exchanges and discount their value when determining rankings.

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