Do you know a lot about internet business? Are SEO, copywriting, building websites and marketing second nature to you? Then internet marketing coaching may be the right opportunity for you.

There are many small online business owners as well as established small to medium-sized businesses looking for help with their internet marketing. If you’re proficient in this area then it’s a matter of setting up your website, finding a few clients and you’ve got your own internet coaching business.

Here are a few things to consider before jumping in:

#1 – Who will you coach? Will you target small and/or medium-sized businesses, or will you look for home-based solopreneurs who need a little extra help with their marketing, or all of the above?

Knowing your target market is important as it can help determine your rates, approach and services you’ll offer. Working with a small to medium-sized business means you’ll need to fully become an educator, as many may be unaware of the inner runnings of the internet and may find it difficult to understand where their money is being spent.

Solopreneurs or small business owners on the other hand may understand how the internet works, but not be fully able to do their own marketing. Or they may need help with certain aspects of the marketing such as copywriting or setting up a PPC campaign.

Think about your target market and services you feel comfortable offering. Make a list of all the information as well as the prices for the services. This process will help you get a clear view of your new business and what direction to take it in.

#2- Will you specialize or offer an array of services? Again, this part is important to the set-up of your business. Some coaches have carved out niches for themselves in SEO or PPC marketing. Others specialize in organic traffic generation or copywriting.

Decide whether you’ll want to narrow in on one field or offer a variety of different services. It’s important to be clear from the beginning about what you will and will not offer. Some clients may be looking for a one-stop shop for their marketing while others are quite happy to divide the tasks between different people.

#3 – Educate your market. Whether you choose small to medium-sized businesses or solopreneurs, educating your market will help your business stand out. On your website, include a free download guide about the basics of internet marketing or add a few pages about SEO and other internet marketing topics.

Potential clients can read the information before contacting you, and once they do contact you they can be pre-sold on your services. This makes closing the sale so much easier because your educational material has acted as a representation of your knowledge and expertise. Being the “educator” is always a sure way to stand out in a competitive field.

#4 – Have a system in place. Each and every client wants to feel like they’re your only client. Having a clear record of their business will help you achieve this.

For each new client, start a file which includes information about their business, their goals, strategies you’re applying and any other relevant information. Have clear dates for deadlines listed where you can easily see them, and check in with your clients during the month to see how things are progressing.

This will show that you care about them as an individual and their business – a sure client pleaser. A clear system will also help you keep track of payments, expenses and help you track your earnings more easily.

#5 – Let your website do the talking. A great website will go a long way in promoting you and your services. As mentioned already, have a section which educates potential clients. But also include information about yourself, and list your services in a clear way for all to understand.

Also, let your potential clients know why you’re the person that can help them with their marketing. Include case studies and testimonials where possible, and you have a 24-hour store front to promote your services to all who visit.

Internet marketing coaching is a great work-from-home opportunity. You set your own hours and take on as much or as little work as you feel necessary. It’s also a great way to help others build their business while building your own business in the process.

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