It would be nice to have the opportunity to travel extensively, wouldn’t it? Some people do have that luxury and it can be a money maker. If you like to write and also have time to travel, travel writing could be for you.

Travel writers mix business with pleasure. They visit some beautiful places and also get to tell others about them. Just because you already travel for enjoyment doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get paid for the information you have to offer others. That is where many businesses begin. Someone had an opportunity that they wanted to share with others.

Travel writing begins with the trip. Take note of what you pack, how you made your reservations, the method of travel, your hotel and what you did while you were there. Each leg of the trip presents another aspect of travel that would be interesting to an audience. Out of one trip, you can get enough information for ten articles.

If travel writing is an opportunity you would like to pursue, here are some tips to help you get started. Another perk of travel writing is that it can be done as a home-based business. Low overhead means more money to travel.

1. Start a travel blog. One way to gain interest and traffic is to become an expert in your field. With a travel blog you can highlight certain aspects of travel. It could be that you like to visit Caribbean destinations or stay in all kinds of hotels. Since sites like let you create free blogs, you can devote a blog to each aspect of travel that you want to pursue.

2. Sign up with websites that pay for travel articles. There are many sites such as eHow, and Associated Content that pay for well-written content. If you can offer unique travel information you can get paid good money for your travel experience.

3. Apply to be a travel writer with online travel magazines and other travel sites. People visit the Internet every day to find out tips for traveling abroad, cheap but nice hotels and deals on transportation.

4. Create a writer portfolio. In it highlight your travel experience and what articles you have written about travel. List your blogs for reference. If you are familiar with an area that a travel company needs, you just might have a job.

5. Search for freelance jobs with print travel magazines. This is a harder market to get into but not impossible. With the right query letter and confident approach you can get your foot in the door so you can be heard.

Travel writing is an exciting occupation for the right person. Turn your travels into descriptive fantasies for your readers and gain an audience that could make you money.

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