Bloggers have come a long way. Many now sustain permanent full-time businesses simply by running a blog – often these blogs were started by “accident” and were never truly intended to be a full-time thriving business. Take for example the case of – it started by a lady having a little fun and is now an international success story.

If you’re thinking of becoming a blogger for pay, these tips will help you get started.

#1 – Start a blog about something you’re passionate about. Your passion and “voice” will help your blog gain loyal followers and recognition. It will also make it easier for you to post and update your blog on a regular basis.

#2 – Research the market and the monetization options. Blogging about what you know is great but it’s also important to ensure there is a viable market for your subject. Market research will help you determine this. You’ll also want to look at ways to monetize your blog (ie make money with it) before you start.

Here are a few simple ways to make money with a blog:

a. Google Adsense – This ad program is easy to use and you can be set up within minutes. You simply sign up for a free Google account, set up the code in your blog and everytime a reader clicks on an ad you earn a certain amount per click. The amount varies and only Google really knows what it will be. However, some subjects are more profitable than others so it’s worth doing your research here too.

b. Affiliate Programs – Most affiliate programs are free to sign up to. Once you sign up to a program you’ll receive a unique URL to insert into your blog pages for each product you recommend. Then you simply recommend the product to your readers and if they purchase the product through your affiliate link you receive a commission for the sale. Commission amounts vary and it depends on the type of products you promote. You can go to and to learn more about available affiliate programs.

c. Paid Advertisement – If your blog is popular then you may be able to sell advertisement space on it. Advertisers can range from small time business owners to big time advertisers and household names. Set up an advertisement page on your blog with procedures, advertisement rates, traffic statistics and visitor demographics and you’re set to go.

d. Sell Your Own Products – If you have your own product to sell, a blog can really cement your customer base. This is a great place to promote and sell your products.

#3 – Blog for others. If setting up your own blog doesn’t appeal just yet, blogging for others is a fantastic way to get your feet wet and make a little extra cash in the process. Do a simple search for blogging jobs or blogging opportunities and you will find a number of possibilities. Another good place to look is on and you can also visit some large popular blogs that you like and see if there are any available opportunities. Many big companies are now looking for bloggers so it’s simply a matter of doing a little research and finding the right opportunity for you.

Blogging for pay is a very possible and fun way to make money online. Whether you start your own blog or blog for others, there are many opportunities available for you to express yourself, help others and make money in the process. A fantastic work-at-home opportunity.

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