Procrastination is one of the many weeds that can grow in the garden of self doubt. And just as a beautiful garden can become overgrown with weeds that choke out the life of other plants, your business progress can come to a halt if you let self doubt take root in your mind.

You can become your own worst enemy when you let the negative musings of self doubt ruin your creativity and your ability to take action on an idea or goal you’ve set for yourself.

When your own self doubt begins to shout you down and out from creativity and progress, it’s time to shut it up so you can get back to work. Put it in time out just as you would a two-year old having a temper tantrum and teach negativity that it can’t play an active role in your life.

When you know you’re wasting time on giving in to self doubt, it’s easy to feel defeated and worthless. You may have deadlines to make such as an important launch. Your affiliates and list are waiting to see what you’ve created and you’re paralyzed by those thoughts that you can’t do it or are unworthy of doing it.

Self doubt rants can discourage you to the point of losing all that you’ve been working for all these hours, days and months. The correct method of silencing the rantings of self doubt works differently for everyone.

You may be able to suppress them by taking your own time out to meditate. For others, it may take surrounding yourself with positive people – others who experience the same problems you do – or family and friends who tend to build your self esteem rather than tear it down.

Past failures or discouraging comments from others can make the negative voices inside grow louder and louder until you’re sucked in to the realm of complete self doubt and all of your efforts come to a halt.

It’s a battle of the wills – will you give in and cry into your pillow about how incapable you are of success? Or will you do everything you can to start believing in yourself again, dust yourself off and take much needed action?

Don’t let the rantings of self doubt slow you down and render you helpless to realize your dreams of success. It may take several tries before you can mute the self doubt monsters, but you can do it.

Realize that when self doubt shouts, it’s really an inner voice that’s afraid and lost and needs help finding its way back. Taking action shines a light on the path and keeps you from wasting any more time on fear and lies.

Author: Eric

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