My friends at SG Creative shared some simple tips for editing your pictures. I want to share them with you too!

Here are 3 go-to adjustments that you can do in most editing apps (including Instagram) to help give your images a little more pop.


1. TEMPERATURE (or Warmth)
This is the first adjustment I make on an image, it helps to balance the overall tone and color.
TIP || If your image looks and has a more blue tone, slide the temperature (or warmth) warmer or more orange. If the image is more yellow or orange in tone, slide it more cool or blue.

This is a simple adjustment to help make your image pop by essentially enhancing the highlight and shadows in the image.
TIP || If your image looks a little dull, slide the contrast up to help the image give more dimension – don’t go overboard though!

A lot of the time your pictures may come out with dark shadows, or bright highlights. Adjusting these settings helps to even out the lighting in the image and work with the other adjustments more productively (like the contrast).
TIP || If your image has a bright background, pull the highlights down a bit. If your image has really dark shadows, pull the shadows up a bit (this will also help brighten the image too).

There you go!

I encourage you to check them out their social media and blog, Sutton + Grove.

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