Success in business stems from success in other areas of your life. You can’t really succeed to the extent that you would like to financially without making sure you’re up to par in other parts of your life, such as your mental state and physical fitness.

By keeping up with those parts as well, you’ll be much more well-rounded and able to succeed so much easier. Mental wellness is a very important aspect of your life and it’s extremely important for your success.

Mental health, for many years, was overlooked and not seen as a priority. In recent years, it has been shown that it’s extremely important and is directly linked with your success in life.

You can’t really go far in life when you’re struggling with things like depression, because you’ll always be in your own head and unable to actually make those advancements that you need to for success.

In order to have a healthy mind, you need to give yourself time to relax and decompress, because if you’re crowding your life with all work all the time, you’re going to get burnt out and start to dislike the job you’re doing.

If you don’t enjoy what you do, it’s going to go way downhill, and you’re going to put in less and less effort and you’ll never attain that success that you want. It’s also important to keep up with your physical health.

Good physical health allows you to wake up each day feeling refreshed and ready to go, something that’s very important for your happiness and for your success. Being physically active and fit is good for your health, and it also helps you find happiness more frequently.

Without it, life can become a bit stale. Tracking progress in both of these categories is crucial. When you’re journaling or making notes about your day, talk about things that you’ve done to better your physical and mental health and be specific.

As tempting as it is to only focus on success, you need to focus on all aspects of your life in order to truly be successful. There’s no fun in being financially well-off if you’re depressed and out of shape.

By keeping notes on your progress, you can tweak your methods in order to have better results, especially after seeing what worked for you and what didn’t. Everyone has different needs, so what might work for one person won’t work for you.

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