Sometimes, you might be resistant to the idea of taking a lot of advice and ideas from others. It can feel like you’re discrediting your own success because you didn’t build it all up from scratch, but rather had to get help along the way.

This is not a success oriented mindset. As humans, we’re inherently social creatures, and have found such success in life by working together and building a something greater than what we could hope to achieve individually.

Take that same approach into building up your own success by taking advice and ideas from others. Now, when you want to learn from successful individuals, there’s a way to do that without plagiarizing them or just ripping off their hard work.

What you should take note of and emulate is the way that they became successful, and that doesn’t mean copying their every move along the way. Learn what mistakes they made, and avoid those.

Understand how they overcame certain circumstances that you may find yourself in at some point. Take away concepts and ideas that you can use to create your own map to success rather than just imitating what they did exactly.

There are plenty of successful people who are more than willing to share their tips and advice for up and coming people trying to accomplish similar feats. Some are more open than others, but if you’re able to really take their advice and implement it into some of your own daily activities, then you should see some results.

While it might seem better to build your own success story from the ground up, that’s really never how it happens. Any time you talk to someone successful, you can ask them who inspired them and helped them along the way, and they almost always have someone they looked up to that they used as a role model.

You’re really not so different. You probably have role models of your own in your career or in life that you want to be like, so there’s nothing wrong with learning and growing from them and becoming your own successful person.

Be sure to take notes on what they say to avoid, what they say to look for, and so on. It’s crucial advice that could really end up helping you a lot in the long run, and it’s in your best interest to take any good advice that you can get.

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