With the economic state these days, it’s even more important for companies to have reliable employees who are productive and motivated. However, keeping your employees happy shouldn’t only be a concern when the economy is suffering. More employers should be considering their employees’ wellbeing at all times. Studies have shown employees who are less exposed to stress in the workplace are more productive and healthy.

By considering the following and how they could be implemented into your own business environment, you will show your employees that you are an employer dedicated not only to happiness of your employees, but their overall health as well.

Set clear expectations – By taking the time to ensure every employee is aware of office protocols, you alleviate the potential for any misunderstandings or crossing of boundaries. By doing this you are providing your employees with healthy leadership. Spelling out the office rules and regulations, policies and procedures can be easily accomplished by putting together an office employee manual, as well as taking the time for group and one-on-one discussions.

Make employees feel valued – Encourage your employees and offer praise when praise is due. Thank them for a job well done to let them know you value them as part of your team. If a particular situation needs revision, don’t approach your employee like a scolding parental figure. Simply review the correct procedure and offer some encouragement. If errors of the same nature continue, you may need to reconsider if this person is in fact a proper fit for the position.

Create a productive atmosphere – The layout of workspaces needs to be considered for maximum productivity. Appropriate working materials and supplies need to be accessible to each employee. They also require enough space to work in an environment which is as comfortable as possible. Ergonomic design could be considered for positive motivation.

Eco-therapy – Another element which assists in a healthy workplace is eco-therapy. Live green plants have an great ability for making the office setting more pleasant, therefore allowing for higher productivity and less stress. The connection to nature while indoors can do wonders for each person’s morale. Pictures and murals of nature scenes can also assist in this process.

If possible, allow your employees to keep their office windows open. The benefit of fresh air will keep them healthier. If this is not an option, opt for air-cleaning filters and take responsibility for the maintenance and changing of filters.
Use natural lighting in your office. For workspaces not equipped with window access, install plant light bulbs in all lighting fixtures.

Brain food – Keep healthy snacks available in the office break room. By avoiding junk food, you are giving your employees the opportunity to eat healthier as well as improve moods and positive thinking.

Family time – We all know trying to balance home life and work can be tricky. Make it a policy in your office to allow employees some time off for staying home with sick children, or attending school events without using their vacation time. Consider daycare services either in the same building or at least nearby. Employers who offer daycare services have noticed actual savings resulting from decreased absenteeism.

Healthy work culture – Employers may want to consider holding a seminar for their employees on how to integrate physical fitness into their busy schedules. They can be shown how little chunks of time during the day for stretching or activity breaks can keep them healthy and more productive. Perhaps giving your employees the option to switch their office chair for a pilates ball could help with this as well.

With a little effort and change, not only will your employees be healthier and happier, but your company will win in the end as well. After all, you have the most productive workers in town!

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