People often like to tell themselves little white lies to help alleviate the struggles of their daily discomfort. Individually, little lies don’t do you much harm, but over time, as you continue to ignore blatant problems in your life, it’ll start to take its toll on you.

So many people turn a blind eye to what’s wrong in their life out of a fear of having to change things and upset the rhythm that they’ve already got going. But eventually, this kind of mindset will lead to their downfall.

These lies often start out innocently enough as a method that you can use to help raise your spirits in a rough patch. For example, someone might be claiming that everyone hates going to work, rather than accepting the fact that they’re not in the right place for them.

Many people love going to work, with an interesting field, good coworkers, and a kind boss. In the short term, you could ignore that, just for the sake of getting by in a short term job you don’t like.

But over time, as that starts to become your career, you don’t want to get trapped in a place like that where you’re not happy. You can also find these kinds of self-told lies in other areas of your life, such as relationships.

Many people stay in toxic or unhealthy relationships, passing it off as not being “that bad” compared to other greatly abusive ones. Really, they’re just scared of changing things up and having to be single again, and they need to be able to ditch a relationship that’s not working out for them.

Staying in situations like this will only lead to you regretting your life decisions later on down the road. You can’t lie to yourself about the status of your life. It’s like a bandage. It’s a short term solution to what may very well be a long term problem that festers and grows.

Allowing yourself to continuously be content with an unenjoyable or unfulfilling lifestyle can be grueling. At some point, it becomes difficult to even want to go about your day – considering how much you subconsciously detest it.

Take a genuine accounting of your life. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t just gloss over it. Make a point to recognize that you’re struggling with that particular thing and only then can you make any real effort to fix it.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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