It’s not uncommon at all for people to make outlandish impulse purchases on things they want once they run into a bit of money. These purchases are most often things like expensive clothes, new gadgets, random hobbies, and so on.

Inevitably, a lot of it comes back to bite them, though. More successful people tend to stay away from impulse purchases, and actually carefully examine what they’re buying and continue to make wise purchases despite their wealth, tracking outgoing expenses each month and looking for ways to whittle it down.

One prime example of people throwing their money out the door is lottery winners. When you see someone win a huge amount of money from the lottery, you typically don’t hear much about them after that years later.

This is because a lot of lottery winners don’t use their money wisely, and blow it on things that they don’t really need. This could be anything from overpriced clothing to fancy decorations around the house, but it all ends up the same – they don’t get the benefits they could out of that amount of money.

Compare that to someone like Bill Gates, who continues to wear very average, non-fancy clothes despite being a multi-billionaire. He wears suits when he needs to, and otherwise wears simple button downs and khakis.

This is a very smart way of living with wealth. If you blow through your money using it on useless things, you’re going to regret it when it finally runs out. One thing you should really look for in a purchase is the return you’re getting from it.

You should be making purchases that are equal in value between how much you’re spending and how much enjoyment or use you’re getting out of it. For example, if a pool costs you $50,000, you should compare that to how much use you would get out of it before you invest in it.

The same goes for small purchases, too. Of course, making personal purchases for enjoyment is common, but you have to control yourself when you’re doing it. It’s fine to treat yourself to something every now and then, but if you’re buying yourself a new product you don’t really need every single week, then you’re going to have some spending problems down the line.

If you’re able to make smart investments that pay off in the long run, you’re going to see a lot more financial success and you’ll be a lot happier knowing that you have a comfortable amount of money.

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