It’s no secret that almost everyone’s lives are somewhat run by technology. It’s more convenient to be able to call someone who lives far away rather than write and send them a letter.

It’s less time consuming to email or text your co-worker instead of going to their desk during work and striking up a conversation with them. However, sometimes it’s better for us to have that face to face interaction to avoid letting the online world consume every aspect of our personal lives. 
Try to take some extra time to do things that you would’ve otherwise done on technology. For example, instead of playing games on your phone or scrolling on social media apps all night once you get home, try playing a board game with your family or even doing something else like going bowling.

Being able to set your phone aside and live in the moment will leave you with great memories with your family and will make you happier to be with them. Instead of doing all of your communication online, do it in person.

Having a real conversation with someone in person makes it feel more personal and allows you to grow your relationship with them instead of reading the words they write off of a screen.

Also, sometimes it’s hard to tell tone through writing. This can cause people to possibly take things you say the wrong way because they’re reading it and interpreting the tone for themselves, rather than hearing you say it how you meant it.
Not only will getting off of technology benefit your relationships and happiness, but it’ll also benefit your health. You’ll sleep better if you’re on your phone less, especially if you’re not on technology right before bed.

You’ll also strain your eyes if you’re looking at the screen too much. This will cause you to have headaches, blurry vision, neck and back pain, retina damage, and even cataracts.
Taking time away from the online world is beneficial to your relationships, social skills, health, and your overall happiness. You’ll be able to live in the moment and make more memories, have closer friendships, and help your sleep schedule and eyesight.

While it’s hard to try to stay away from social media because it seems like that’s what runs the world, it’s important to be able to reconnect with the real world and not live your whole life based off of the internet.

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