Instant gratification can be defined as wanting something, and wanting it now. The opposite is delayed gratification. In the modern world where we are switched on 24/7 with our smartphones and tablets, instant gratification is the order of the day. Customers don’t want to wait for anything.

In order to make more sales, you need to tap into this mindset of instant gratification. We can also describe the gratification as the pleasure principle. This can be a good thing because it will encourage more sales if you tap into this instant mindset.

There are a number of ways of making your products more attractive to people who are driven by instant gratification.

Instant Downloads

Online marketing has been so successful because it delivers quick results. In the case of a book or software, for example, we don’t have to worry about them coming in the mail in paper or disc form. All we have to do is click to pay and then download.

In some cases, book publishers offer the download in addition to the paper book so there is no need to wait. In other cases, Amazon or the publisher will offer a digital edition of the first three chapters of the book so buyers can start reading it right away rather than just waiting until the book comes in the mail.

Instant Sales

Amazon has perfected this with their one-click purchasing. Millions of credit card numbers have been stored in their system to enable customers to buy without ever having to take out their wallet. Does this spur impulse buys and the need for instant gratification? You bet!

Speedy Customer Service

Amazon has also created an environment of wanting the best customer service possible as quickly as possible. Providing phone numbers and online chat make a company stand out. They are also prominently displayed so people can find the information they need easily without having to wander all over the place for it.

Services like these and a user-friendly interface can make customers feel more valued and less frustrated if anything does go wrong.

If you do need to offer email customer service only, set up an autoresponder so they will get an instant reply. Even though it won’t be the answer to their exact question, it can tell customers what to expect. You can state your business hours and how soon they can expect a reply. So if you are open Monday to Friday, for example, that is fine. Tell them they can expect a reply by the end of the next business day.

Shipping Offers

Special offers like free two-day shipping, or offering overnight shipping at a reasonable price, satisfies instant gratification as well as extreme urgency. People do business with companies that suit their lifestyle. If you have a shopper who is constantly waiting until the last minute to take care of things, they will shop at stores which guarantee that their gift will get there on time no matter what.

Instant Results

People are always looking for fast results. This is one of the reasons why headlines like “Lose 7 pounds in 7 days” are so successful.

Unfortunately, not all of us can be Amazon, and it isn’t always wise to make a promise that depends on your customers doing their fair share in an effort to lose weight. Having said that, understanding the desire for emotional gratification can help you craft your products and services with this in mind. And the faster you can sell, the more money you can make.

Learn how to gain more sales through crafting instant gratification offers, and see what a difference it makes to your sales and profits.

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