The increased social interaction available on the Internet has contributed greatly to its appeal. More and more people are going online to connect with friends, family, and even people they’ve never met in person in ways that were never before possible. They can leave messages on one another’s MySpace pages, rate and discuss news stories on Digg, and browse one another’s favorite web pages on

The Web is brimming with all sorts of social applications, and new ones are being developed constantly. But who can keep up with everything their friends are doing on these sites? Thanks to FriendFeed, anybody can.

FriendFeed is a social aggregator. It brings together updates from dozens of social media and social networking applications to create a customized feed for each member. This makes it possible for friends to add one another on one site and track each other’s activities on many.

FriendFeed and Marketing

Internet marketers have long been using the social aspects of the Web for business purposes. They post promotional videos on YouTube, offer coupon codes via Twitter, create business blogs and more. These methods have proven to be highly effective, but it can be difficult to convince prospects to keep up with one’s updates on each and every site.

But with FriendFeed, marketers can direct customers and site visitors to a single service that will keep them abreast of all of their online activities. So instead of subscribing to the marketer’s blog in a feed reader, watching for his Twitter updates via Twhirl, and checking in at YouTube for his new videos, anyone who’s interested can simply add him as a friend on FriendFeed and keep up with everything in one place.

Another reason FriendFeed is good for marketers is because it adds a human touch to their efforts. It integrates your marketing methods with more personal things such as favorite videos, songs and news stories. This tends to make prospects more comfortable with buying from someone, because it shows that they are a real person.

FriendFeed also allows users to create “rooms” that are based on a certain topic. Other users can join the room and post messages, links and photos related to the room’s topic. Creating and joining rooms is a great way for marketers to communicate with people in their target markets.

Web 2.0 has brought forth all sorts of applications that can be used for marketing. FriendFeed has taken these diverse applications and integrated them on one website, making it much easier for marketers to keep their audiences up to date. It’s easy to set up and easy to use, so you can recommend it to your target market with confidence.

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