Freelancing to Earn Money

There are about 57 million Americans that call themselves freelancers, working an average of 20 hours a week and earning a median wage of about $50K a year. Freelancers work in a variety of positions, including copywriting, sales, and more. If you want to be a freelancer to earn money, there are a lot of opportunities.

Types of Freelance Work

There are numerous types of freelance work today. With the advent of online technology and fast internet, there is so much you can do if you have an internet connection that it seems crazy to find a job. And, if you’re still worried, know that statistically, jobs aren’t any more secure than freelance work these days.

Writer – You can find work as a content writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter. You can also simply write for yourself by publishing to Kindle or your blog.

Virtual Assistant – You can work as a secretary online for small business owners. Depending on your skills, you might help with customer service, social media marketing, or other administrative tasks.

Website Developer – If you are good at building websites from scratch or at using builders like self-hosted WordPress, you can hire yourself out to build sites for other people or handle regular maintenance.

App Developer – Do you know how to code apps? If so, you can hire yourself out as a freelancer, coding apps for other people who provide the ideas and functionality.

Bookkeeper – You don’t even need to have a certification to be a bookkeeper in many states. Check your laws. You can help people at a distance keep their books and financial records using specialized bookkeeping software.

Search Engine Optimization Expert – If you understand SEO, you can freelance as an SEO expert, helping website owners make their sites more attractive to search engines and their audience. You can also work for a web development company as a freelancer doing the SEO for them.

Photographer – If you’re good with your camera, you can use it in many ways, from the typical freelance wedding and event photographer to being an art or stock photo photographer. Take pictures and upload them to your site and sell them to multiple people to use.

Voice Actor – Do you have a voice made for radio? If so, you’re in demand. You’d record yourself reading a script as provided to record ads, transitions, and narrate other people’s videos.

Where to Look for Work

To find work as a freelancer, you’ll want to join several freelance sites that are devoted to helping you find people to work with. Sites like and are standard but you can also look for work right on regular job sites by looking up remote working in your niche. Also, of course, you’ll want to build your website to market yourself too.

Determining How Much You Make

Each freelancing idea offers different possibilities for making money. The truth is, how much money you want to make is more in your hands as a freelancer than if you’re an employee working hourly or on salary. The main thing is to figure out how much you want to make, then set up your business so that you can work enough to make that amount.

Freelancing is a lucrative way to start working for yourself. When you’re a freelancer, you don’t have to work on someone else’s timeline, and you only focus on the deliverables to ensure you deliver high-quality work to all your clients – whether they’re individuals or corporations.

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