Are you as successful as you want to be in life? Most people would answer that they haven’t yet reached the point that they consider themselves successful. They may not know why they haven’t reached that point yet.

After all, they’re doing everything they can to make it happen. The answer to the question may be that you’re afraid of success and that fear is holding you back. Perhaps you don’t feel like you deserve success or doubt your ability to make that push that would take you over the line.

You may have failed in some things you’ve tried and become discouraged and gave up. Rather than learn from your mistakes, you let those failures dampen your enthusiasm for success and hold you back.

If you find yourself focusing on the negative failures in your life, you’ll be full of fear and self-doubt. Negative people in your life may be exacerbating the situation by reminding you of how many times you’ve tried – and failed.

The first thing you should do to get positivity back into your life is to plan your comeback using any means that works for you. Perhaps that means surrounding yourself with more positive thinkers, keeping a gratitude journal, vision board or practicing mindfulness in everything you attempt.

Tune in to your authentic self. Everyone has stress – it’s a fact of life. But to face your fear of success and overcome it, you need to know who you really are, what makes you happy and know your passions.

Getting caught up in responsibilities and meeting goals may actually work against you if you don’t take time to enjoy life, take time for yourself and get to know yourself. Taking ten minutes a day to meditate, listen to music or do whatever helps you get in touch with yourself and your thoughts and feelings will make a world of difference in how successful you are as a parent, spouse, employee, student or online entrepreneur.

Fear may often haunt you if you’re uncertain about the future, feel out of control or are confused about what to do next. It can paralyze you and keep you out of touch with reality.

Find inspiration to spur you on to greater things. You could find that inspiration in books, music, people and even animals. Others have found the inspiration and courage to try new things and trudge through many obstacles to success.

Read their stories to get inspiration to write your own life success story. If you’ve been through some type of trauma on your path to success that has made you want to avoid it, you will – unless you recognize it for what it is and use it to your advantage.

Always remember that success isn’t really a destination – it’s a journey that’s filled with learning and putting that education into action. Spend the journey enjoying yourself, learning about your passion and how to fulfill it while leading a balanced life.

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