You can empower yourself by creating a blog. The content that you put on your blog is a great way to engage in self care because you’re writing your thoughts and you’re releasing emotions.

Sometimes, writing down stuff about your life can also lessen stress. Having a blog can be a resource that not only helps you, but the information you share can be used by others, too.

Maybe you like the idea of having a blog, but you’re not sure how to handle it. In the book, Everybody Writes, you’ll have a guide that can help you understand blog writing. Not only that, but the book explains exactly what content is and how blogging can be beneficial for you.

Some people hesitate to blog because they don’t understand exactly what’s involved and think that it’s harder than what it is. Or some might believe that blogging is something that’s outdated and that no one really reads what’s written in blogs.

It might surprise you to learn that blogging is considered a profession in today’s society. The book can teach you how to correctly market the message that you have to share and, in some cases, blogs can become highly profitable.

The author teaches writers how to reach an audience and how to maintain their attention. You’ll discover how to write first drafts that are messy and ugly and should never be shared.

Then you’ll learn how to polish that draft through rewriting and develop posts that are engaging, informative and will grow an audience of people who eagerly await every update.

By reading the book, you’ll discover how to reach your audience’s emotions and how to continually build a loyal following. You’ll learn the power of telling a story and why that resonates with so many people.

The book will take you step by step through creating the content that you need for your blog to getting it up online. You’ll learn about landing pages and marketing. You’ll discover how to handle social media platforms and make those beneficial for the outreach of your blog.

The book covers how to communicate and inspire people. You’ll learn grammar rules that you need for creating solid content for blogging that’s well received. You’ll also learn one of the key factors about blogging, which is making writing your blog posts a habit.

Hit and miss posting loses a lot of influence opportunities as well as growth opportunities. The author covers how to begin writing with the placement of your ideas. You’ll discover how to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, which can make writing more personable to the reader.

The book covers how to make sure your words come alive by understanding writing advice such as show, don’t tell. If you want to create a blog, this book is a must-have to help guide you.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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