Sometimes an evaluation of a project or goal may need to take place when a milestone is reached rather than at the end of the entire project or goal. You can prevent a waste of effort and resources when you see things that aren’t working and can change them before the project is complete.

It doesn’t make sense to continue doing things the same way if it isn’t working as it should. Businesses use benchmarks as indicators for measuring the successes (or failures) of a project and you can do the same with any career or life goal you hope to achieve.

At the end of a pre-chosen date or milestone, the indicators are evaluated to see if they’re having the desired impact. Indicators can be how much has gotten done on a project over a period of time.

Some indicators are more important than others – and you should know how to select indicators that are going to be most important to know. An indicator can also be several things that make up the evaluation – or one indicator that lets you know the quality of the project being evaluated.

For example, the success of the project of an online entrepreneur might be measured by how many followers were added to the list during an online membership endeavor. You’ll know that it was a success if you reached the goal you set for yourself.

The ability to evaluate certain portions of a project is especially important at the beginning. A designated milestone that occurs just after a project gets off the ground and has had a bit of time to work can be important to evaluate.

You can judge how the rest of the project will continue if you use the same resources and put forth the same amount of time an effort. You may need to ramp up the efforts or increase the time – but, it’s best to find out early rather than at the end of the project when it’s too late to change things.

Waste of time and effort mean that money is being wasted, so these milestones can project whether you need to intervene or carry on with the implementation as is. If you’re working on a personal goal, rather than a business one, wasted effort may cause you to lose motivation and give up.

For example, if your goal is to get fit, lose weight and melt inches from your body, milestones measured in intervals is an important part of knowing if your current efforts are working or if you need to change exercise, diet or make other changes in your lifestyle.

When you choose to evaluate a personal or business project in intervals, you’re able to get a fresh, new perspective on how your efforts and time are paying off and change it or keep it as is.

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