Gathering data from good record-keeping should help you evaluate the time it took to reach your goal – whether it’s a project or a personal goal. You can then decide if you could have done it faster or if you should have taken more time to make the results of a higher quality.

Maybe you gave up on your goal at some point in the process and it took some time to get motivated enough to return to it. What caused you to give up for a period of time? That and more are answers you’ll get when you evaluate what happened during the time it took to reach your goal.

Is this a goal you’ve set before and never reached or did you have so many obstacles reaching it that you gave up? If the time it took to reach your goal seems way out of line with the amount of time it should have taken, it’s time to evaluate the process and change where needed.

Maybe you’re not happy with the results. If you’ve set a goal for your life or your business and it turned out to be of lower quality or just not what you expected, an evaluation of your time can be important to determine if you didn’t spend enough time or if it was just a project or product you were wrong about.

There are reasons why you wanted to accomplish the goal, whether it’s weight, health or a business milestone. If you still haven’t reached the goal, your time evaluation could help determine what you need to do next.

The answer might be that you should rev up the time you spend working toward the goal – or become more motivated so you do more that can get you there. There are various ways you can motivate yourself, including vision boards and meditation.

Many people abandon goals and projects because they’re simply overwhelming. If you think that’s the case and you just can’t make the amount of time you spend on it work – go back and try to break it up into smaller goals that you can easily handle.

Reaching each smaller milestone can be a great motivator to get you to the next rung in the ladder. Add some time on to the project if needed to ensure that you end up with quality results.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Think about how formidable that task must have been to the movers and shakers of the day. It took exact planning, manpower and execution of their goals to build one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

They also implemented a type of government that would change the world. The Romans didn’t give up. They knew they had ideas and goals that would change the way the world looks at architecture and government.

You may not have a goal quite that lofty, but when you’re committed to making your own life or business prosper, you’ll do what it takes and take the time needed to complete the goal to your satisfaction.

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