Self care has become a mantra for many men and women in this day and age. It’s something we’ve neglected for generations that’s now emerging as not only a perk but a requirement of self preservation and fulfillment.

There are dozens of ways to engage in self care. You might take time out of each day to meditate and be mindful. Or perhaps you focus on a good nutrition and fitness plan to give yourself a healthy body.

Spa treatments and even entertainment are all forms of self care that people enjoy on a regular basis. But there’s another method you may want to try that can deliver a more focused, peaceful way of life and that’s blogging.

Blogging is a wonderful task you can begin that fits into your daily regimen anywhere you need it to – at the beginning, middle or end of your day. You can use it to peacefully discuss your troubles or positive life occurrences.

Sometimes having a sounding board or a place to unburden yourself can help keep you strengthened and hopeful about your present and future. Not only does the process of blogging itself contribute to your self care, but it’s also a place where you can track your goals for self care.

So for example, you might start a blog for yourself that has categories for your nutrition, fitness, meditation, relaxation, relationships, career, health, parenting, entertainment and more. Whatever you feel is important to you or that needs work, you can have it as a place on your blog.

You can track how much you neglect or pay attention to these areas of your life and house a bevy of ideas for you to implement to improve those areas. For example, let’s say you want to implement a regimen for relaxation.

You could have a series of blog posts that discuss how you’ve neglected this area of your life in the past, why it’s important and what you plan on doing about it. Then, each day (or week – however you want to schedule it), you could discuss the efforts you’re taking to make strides in that area of life.

You might tell your readers how you’ve set aside 30 minutes a day for a relaxing spa bath or how each night will end with a relaxing, no technology period reserved for reading a wonderful fiction novel.

As you implement your routines for self care, report back on whether or not it helped or made a significant impact on your life. And build on it from there. What else could you do to further the routine? It’s interesting to look back on over time and see how you met your self care challenges.

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