You might think of journaling as only something teenagers do – like writing in a diary about all of their teenage angst and then hiding it beneath the mattress. You might even think it’s something that you grow out of.

But what you might not realize is just how much journaling has changed and how it can help your life. There are all kinds of ways that it can do this. There is power in journaling because it can help you take a journey of self-growth.

Through journaling, you can learn a lot about self-care that can improve your life. Not only that, but you can take these words that you write or blog and use them to help influence the lives of others for the better.

One way to get started is by learning the information taught in the book, Effortless Journaling. By reading the book, you’ll discover how you can establish the habit of writing in your journal or digital blog.

Doing this will bring many benefits into your life and that’s one thing the book covers in the part titled “15 Benefits of Journaling.” You can unleash health benefits and even productivity benefits by using the power of journaling.

You can inspire yourself so that you inspire others. Journaling is a pay-it-forward way of writing, even if you might not realize that at the time. It’s the road to self-discovery. As you record your thoughts, you learn things about yourself.

You uncover bits and pieces of things in your heart or mind that could help you to let go of something that’s holding you back. You might even journal and figure out what to do about a stressful situation or how to find healing from an event that wounded you emotionally.

The reason some people don’t journal isn’t because they don’t desire to do it, but because they’re just not sure how or they get started and then stop repeatedly. The book lays out what gets in the way of your journaling habit and how to overcome it.

You’ll learn what the journaling process can look like and how you can make this helpful habit something that benefits your life. It talks about the tools that you’ll need to get started and why you need to track your habit.

You can do something like download an app reminder such as a timer to go off to remind you to journal. There are several different ways to approach journaling according to the author.

Among these are having a daily writing habit, use various writing prompts for a suggested journal topic or creating a gratitude journal. Journaling lets you explore yourself inside and out and creates a picture of who you are. It allows you to take the wisdom of yourself and change your life as well as pass it along to others to encourage, challenge, and change their lives, too.

Effortless Journaling

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