After work, you’re most likely too exhausted to want to do things like cook or clean. To avoid the stress of doing it, you may get fast food or ignore cleaning and choose to relax instead.

While doing things to refrain from getting stressed is a good thing most of the time, you need to make sure that you can do those things without sacrificing other things like your health or cleanliness. 
If you feel too exhausted to cook, instead of getting fast food, which will cause your health to decline if eaten often enough, you should consider meal prepping on the weekends to save time.

You can also get some sort of convenient cooking appliance like an Instant Pot or Crock-Pot to prepare nutritious homemade meals for busy weeknights. You can also ask your spouse to help you prepare dinner.
Cleaning may be another thing that you ignore after work to try to not stress you out. However, if you let it go long enough your house may become an even bigger problem than it was in the first place, which will take up more time and leave you more stressed out than you would’ve been if you had chosen not to ignore the mess. 
Delegate chores to your family members or simply space out your cleaning schedule so that you’re not trying to do everything around the house as soon as you get home. You could also get a maid once a week who deep-cleans your house for you if you don’t live with anyone or your family is always out of the house.
Make sure that you’re not ignoring your physical health and letting your fitness decline. Find some time to fit a workout in – even if you go for a short walk or jog around the neighborhood or do a 10-30 minute workout video that you get off of YouTube or Netflix.

Keeping yourself healthy will make you feel better and be able to focus more on work. By keeping your fitness up, you also want to make sure you’re eating right. This means not getting fast food every night and meal prepping a healthy lunch and dinner.
Even though it’s tempting to want to take the easy route after getting out of work by skipping necessary things that may cause stress, you can always find an easier way to get them done, even if you have to ask for help from your family or do things the night before work to save time.

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