Many people are too timid to delegate their tasks to others when they’re feeling overwhelmed, but it’s crucial that you speak up and become confident in delegating to others when you feel burdened with too many things in order to alleviate stress and let you be your best at home and in the workplace. 
You can give a coworker or team something of yours to handle. If you’re in a higher position than the coworker you’re delegating the task to, you shouldn’t have to ask them to do the work.
However, if you’re in the same position or at a lower position than the coworker you’re giving your task to, then make sure you always ask before you give them your work to refrain from seeming rude and disrespectful.

By giving a coworker some of your work to do, you’re making your workload lighter, therefore letting you do your best in the tasks that you feel like you could handle. You could also ask your boss if they would be willing to let you do a little less work if you explain to them that you feel stressed out and that the workload isn’t letting you excel in doing your tasks. 
If you’re feeling stressed about how messy your home might be, you can always ask your children or spouse to help out with the chores. Give each family member different tasks to help you get your house under control and organized to a point where you’re not feeling burdened with a stressful amount of clutter.
Different methods to get your family to help out could include making to-do lists for each family member, paying them each a small amount according to how much work they did, or giving everyone a room to complete cleaning before the week is over.

You can also explain to your family that the mess stresses you out and that you would love for them to help. This will make them want to help out if they know how you feel, because no one wants their family to feel overwhelmed.
If your workload or chores seem too overwhelming for you, you can always delegate your tasks to others – and that includes outsourcing it if necessary. You could hand over your obligations to someone you hire for projects or tasks at home and free up your time.

Don’t be shy and let your responsibilities overwhelm you and stress you out too much by not speaking up. By doing this, you’re reducing your stress levels and making sure that you’re doing your best quality of work inside the workplace and in your home.

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