(what to do when internet or power go out, computer breaks etc.)

Let’s wrap this little blog sequence on work from home productivity up with something that may end up being more critical than you realize – a backup plan for all your tech. Working from home, we rely on technology more than we realize. We need power, a stable internet connection, and secure ways to store and backup our files and data. Of course some redundancy for devices doesn’t hurt either. When your laptop breaks down, can you work for a day or two from your phone or tablet until you can replace it?

Spend some time this week thinking about your own personal backup plan. Put it in writing. Set up regular backups for your files. Most computer experts recommend a backup on your computer, a backup on a separate hard drive, and a backup offsite. This could be up on the cloud, or another hard drive you backup to regularly and then store at a family member’s house or your storage building.

It’s also helpful to think through some worst case scenarios. How will you recover your work and get back up and running if your hard drive fails? What will you do when your computer crashes? How about a flood or a fire that destroys your home?

Make a plan. Create a routine. Set regular reminders on your phone or calendar to do the backups. Don’t forget about your online properties either. Talk to your web host about nightly backups of your website if applicable. Before long it will become second nature and help you get up and running quickly if the worst were to happen.

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