Stress is a growing problem – not only in America, but around the world. It’s no longer situational and infrequent. These days, a high number of individuals are dealing with chronic stress.

It takes a toll on their mind and bodies 24/7, making sleep next to impossible, the days drag on and life seemingly hopeless. However, many people prefer not to turn to pharmaceuticals to address this growing issue.

Instead, they want to heal their mind and body naturally from the surging cortisol hormone that gets released in a continual flood due to ongoing stress factors. This stress can be caused by a myriad of things – career, relationships, isolation, and health woes to name a few.

Aside from natural remedies such as essential oils, spa routines, positive affirmations and meditation, many people interested in managing and decreasing their stress loads are turning to digital journals, known as a personal blog.

In the past, journaling itself was one of the primary methods professionals advised as a way to handle stress. However, the hassle of constantly purchasing a new journal, losing them, having to read back through every entry to try to find something meant it wasn’t much of a stress relief to the individual trying to use this method.

That’s where digital journals, or blogs, can be such a benefit to those plagued by stress. It allows you to have one single home for your thoughts and emotions. It’s one foundation for your growth as a person – showcasing your efforts and successes as you navigate all that life throws at you.

It’s a quick and easy way to work through problems and even search back on past incidents to see how you handled things previously, whether it worked, and learn and grow from those entries.

Another benefit is that in the past, with a written journal, you had to carry it to a counselor’s office and read it to them if you needed help. But with a blog, if you make the entries public, you can benefit from the input of others who read about your situation and want to offer advice.

Your entries can be published and indexed in search engines, so if you tag them with keywords such as how do I handle stress at work, your blog post can be found for that phrase and others who are interested in the topic can find your blog and offer assistance or their own take on it. This type of community problem solving can be very soothing to those feeling overwhelmed by stress.

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