It’s important to keep good records of a goal or project’s progress so you can properly evaluate it when the results are in and the project is completed. They’re good measuring tools to tell you if the results lived up to, exceeded or fell short of your expectations.

The action plans implemented in your project outline should have solved problems, overcome obstacles and become predictable as time went on. If that didn’t happen, it’s time to discern what did happen to delay or make the project fail or fall short of what you planned for.

Successful action plans provide palpable results that should lead to further successes and more confidence on your part that you were effective in planning goals and reaching the end of a successful process.

Even if the project wasn’t completely successful, you’ll gain valuable information when you analyze the results. This information can help you build your business, re-think some of your actions or even go back to the drawing board.

Unless you can evaluate the results of a project, it’s difficult to measure the results. Some problems within the project can be solved by creating an action plan that addresses the particular problem.

Any plan or project (unless it’s new) can be compared to previous action plan results. For example, if you’re a marketer and your plan is to gain three followers per week, you can compare the results to the other plans you put into action to gain followers.

If you’re just starting out – with no followers – the plan might gain the three followers you planned for at first, but later on might need to be tweaked since you may not be targeting the same group.

Results of a project should be carefully analyzed before you repeat the process. You may not have to start all over again, but the knowledge you gained from the results can more than likely help you re-plan some of the areas that caused problems.

When the results lived up to or exceeded your expectations, you should still take a look at what you did to get those results. Could the same plan work with other projects you may have?

If one portion of the plan failed miserably while another exceeded all your expectations, try to find the reason for the failed portion. Could it be the employees that were responsible – or, if you did it yourself, perhaps you should outsource that portion to more knowledgeable people.

Whatever you decide to do about future projects, you’ll be glad you tracked the process and ended up with direct ways that you can improve the execution of them in the future. It works the same in life as it does in business – see if your results lived up to your expectations when you try to change something and implement a plan to alter your course.

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