Having a blog for your personal development and self help issues is a wonderful thing. You can share and grow in so many areas. But not everything is meant for public consumption.

You may discover that blogging benefits you in terms of allowing you to vent and process your emotions. You’re able to look at your actions and behaviors and make lasting change that serves you well.

But some topics might make you shy to discuss in an open forum. You can still benefit from the blog process without having to go public with certain topics that you find too sensitive for public display.

Whenever you blog about a topic like this, you want to go through the same process as you would other more lighthearted topics. Discuss the situation, talk about your reactions and emotions and then analyze it so that you can come to a conclusion about a solution for the issue.

However, instead of hitting the publish button right away, take time to make the blog post private. All you have to do is click the visibility option on your blog and then choose which type of transparency you want.

If you want it public, it will default to that. But you may want to mark it private so that only you can see the content on that blog post. This way, in the future, you’ll be able to look back on that part of your journey and have a record of it all in one place, so you don’t have to whip out a print journal and find that one aspect of your life.

There’s another option, too. Sometimes, there are certain people we trust and like and feel comfortable sharing our journey with. In that case, you can choose the visibility selection that lets you password protect the blog post.

Now if you do this, those who visit the blog can see that there’s a post, but it will ask them for the password. You can choose who you want to give that password to and keep it restricted to only those who you trust.

You want to be careful when password protecting any sensitive blog posts. Don’t make it anything obvious that hackers or other visitors to your blog could guess. That could showcase your emotional frailty in that area and leave you feeling exposed.

It’s best to have a public blog for as much as you’re willing to share, because then others can weigh in and offer guidance and assistance as you also help your audience. But it’s good to know there’s an option for when you do encounter a topic you wish to keep to yourself or a few of your closest readers.

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