Create a Vision Board That Encompasses Both Your Career and Personal Life

Written by Eric Cooper

Making a vision board can help you visualize your goals and what you really want to achieve in life. Visually seeing what will result from you meeting your goals right in front of you will inspire you to achieve both your work and life goals by being a constant reminder of the desires you want to fulfill.
A vision board, also known as a dream board, can be made out of a posterboard, a corkboard, and even a piece of paper if you wanted it on a smaller scale. On the surface that you desire, cut out pictures that represent the things that will come from the goals that you want to achieve, or the dreams that you want to make come true. 
The pictures that you add to your board could be anything from words that describe how you want yourself to be, like confident, happy, healthy, etc. to pictures of things you want to do, like travelling, gardening, painting, or any other hobbies you’d love to pick up. 
If you want, you can make two separate vision boards to separate your work goals from your life goals. To your work board, maybe you could add things that represent your goals like being focused, being the top contender in the workplace, or even getting higher pay. 
You can find images in anything like a magazine or newspaper, or you can even print out pictures from online and then put them on the board. You should keep this board somewhere where you can always see it.

This will constantly remind you of your goals and keep you motivated to work hard to have results. If you need to, you can even make a digital vision board by using some sort of photo editing app, and you can keep this “board” as a picture on your phone background or your computer backdrop, if you can’t find a place to keep a real vision board at your workplace.
Having a vision board is a great way to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals that you have set for your work life and personal life. Constantly seeing these images of what you want will keep reminding you of why you’re working so hard, and what you’re eventually going to get to enjoy once you’ve worked hard enough to succeed.

On this board, make sure to not only add things that you want to eventually do someday, but also add goals for your long-term success and happiness. It should reflect a well-rounded ideal life that delivers high on personal satisfaction.

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