Benefits of Selling on Etsy

We want you to be excited about the possibilities of selling on Etsy so to start this guide we will explain the major benefits of using the Etsy platform to sell. If you have not used Etsy before, it is a specialist website that people use to promote crafts and handmade goods.

That doesn’t mean that you have to create the products you sell on Etsy yourself. We will cover this in the next chapter. In order to be confident that Etsy is the right platform for you to use for good profits, here are the major benefits of using it:

Etsy gets a lot of Traffic every month

We used to identify the current traffic levels for Etsy. At the time of writing this guide, was receiving over 392 million visitors each month and this is growing. Over 60% of the visitors are from the United States, with around 10% from the United Kingdom and 5% from Canada.

So, people that live in the top tier countries visit Etsy a lot. A lot of visitors come from and and we will show you some great ways that you can leverage Etsy traffic from these two websites later in the guide. Facebook is another good platform for Etsy visitors.

Etsy is the 28th ranked website in the United States and 61st in the world. This is huge. The Etsy platform has grown steadily over the years and shows no signs of slowing up. Whenever you are selling products or services online you need as much visitor traffic as possible. If you were to set up your own website selling your products, you would miss out on the vast traffic Etsy can bring.

People are Selling on Etsy

There are millions of sellers on Etsy and this is growing. Back in 2019 there were more than 2.5 million sellers on the platform from all over the world. You do not have to live in the United States to sell successfully on Etsy.

The top sellers on Etsy are making thousands of dollars every year. Some of the top sellers have made millions of sales since launching their products on the Etsy platform. Sellers prefer Etsy to other platforms like eBay and Amazon because the costs are lower.

Etsy has Niche Markets

When you focus on one or more niches you will make more sales. It is easier for you to do this using the Etsy platform than any of the others. You can reach a wide audience that is interested in your niche a lot easier using the Etsy platform.

Craft related items sell really well on Etsy due to the niche segmentation. There are also existing communities on Etsy that are interested in specific niches. You can target these to make more sales of your products. People tend to go to Etsy for their products because they are looking for unique items that they cannot purchase elsewhere.

It is easy to use Etsy

With some ecommerce platforms it can take a great deal of time to get setup and create listings for your products. Anyone can use Etsy to get their products listed fast. The Etsy platform has a good reputation among sellers for its simplicity and speed.

When you join Etsy, you will need to set up a shop and then add your product listings. We will explain this in detail in a later chapter. While there is limited customization available with Etsy, you can edit templates to make your shops and listings more unique.

You can download all of your sales data and product data easily with Etsy. This is good for analyzing what is happening in your shops. Etsy have a mobile app available for Android and iOS which you can use to add new listings, engaging with customers and many other things while you are on the go.

Etsy has a Helpful Seller Community

With other platforms you will find it difficult to get help from other sellers. They do not want you to know their secrets. The sellers on Etsy are different and tend to be a lot more supportive. If you want help with selling on Etsy then there will usually be some sellers that will want to help.

Etsy have a forum for their sellers. Here you can ask any questions and share advice with other sellers. There are similar forums for Amazon for example, but they are not as welcoming and friendly as the Etsy forum.

You will find groups of sellers that work together in what is known as “Etsy teams”. It is very likely that you will find a team in your niche and you can collaborate with them to discuss sourcing products and more. If you want help with promotion and advertising then there are teams for this as well.

Etsy is a great place to get started

When you first venture into the world of ecommerce you need all of the help that you can get to build your customer base. Opening an Etsy shop means that you have the advantage of the built-in traffic that comes with the platform. Trying to achieve the same traffic levels with an independent shop would take a very long time, if you could do it at all.

Etsy prioritizes new listings with its search algorithm to give new sellers more of a chance. The advertising options with Etsy are very good. For around $10 per week, you can expand your reach considerably. The advertising process that Etsy uses is very intuitive and simple to use and if you use this properly you should get a great head start.

In the next lesson we will discuss niche research on Etsy…

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